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Is there a drug test before doing a surgery?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jerd, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. You need to be cleared and shit and you go through tests so I was wondering if they drug test beforehand.
  2. Not when I had my surgery there wasn't, and I asked the surgeon and chick that took my blood. You can and should be honest with them about your drug intake. Especially the anesthesiologist (sp?).
  3. Yeah, just tell the anesthetist something like "hey, you got any weed in that tank? I'm sure enough of that could put me to sleep." They should get the hint that you're a toker. :D
  4. no..they do not test you, but as everyone else has said, its best to be honest since you cant know what certain drugs interact poorly...or even fatally. they do. they even went through 8 or more years of schooling to know THAT.
    best luck:rolleyes:
    and even if they did test you, they cant say ne thing or turn you in. the only thing they can do is refuse your surgery because you were dishonest and they would have to question EVERY thing in your history
  5. I had ACL surgery about 6 weeks ago and I can confirm that they don't test you. I'm pretty sure I didn't even tell the anesthesiologist that I smoke and there weren't any problems. They do say to stop smoking a week or two before surgery, which I did. Good luck man.
  6. This.

    Not a word was said about it when I had surgery.

  7. Sometimes, I say this because of my father. My father had his gall baldder removed about a month or two ago. They actually got mad at my father for smoking before his surgery the night of. They treated him like a criminal, and were very impatient with him. The only reason him and me grow cannabis is because of the health benifits, and that I am a recreational user. He used it for the stomach pains and the pains of the gall stones in his gall bladder. They can test, and if they do so what its the doctor not the cops, not a good job.

    Oh, by the way my dad lied to the nurse and said he only took two hits off a joint, when he sank about 2grams of Homegrown, the nurse gasped after he said two hits. Imagine if she knew that I go can go through a quarter or a half an ouce in a day between me and my father.

    she'd think I'm a drug addict or something haha.
  8. yes their is a test and if you fail they say NO LIVER FOR YOU STONER!!! and they just let you die:wave:
  9. Cannabis does interact with several drugs. Propofol for one- It's effect is lessened by cannabis. Opiates, on the other hand, work better with cannabis. When it comes to them putting you under, you tell the docs exactly what you have used in the last week or so. Waking up in the middle of an operation happens, and is NOT fun!

  10. There is one for sure before a transplant. would suck to give my heart to a druggie, you guys don't keep your veins clean and thats just bad hygiene.
  11. that would fucking blow if they tested you. but like everyone else said, it is better to be honest about it -shrugs-
  12. Usually not. I'm pretty sure that most surgeons would not drug test you before surgery. If you do hard drugs or anything, though, you should probably let the doctor know... it can cause major complications.

  13. I told the anesthesiologist I smoked the night before and he smiled and said good that'll help you relax :) I guess I had a cool one. I do seem to remember him giving me a different anesthetic than he would normally have given due to the smoking.

    They CANNOT drug test you without telling you so don't worry about it. Oh, unless you go into complications during surgery then all bets are off...
  14. Why would you just not be honest with your doc? Trust me most dont look down upon it and if they do, fuck them.
  15. Yes they can, they do it to pregnant mothers all the time so they know whether or not to expect a crack baby (cuz crack and meth babies need special care)
  16. Yup, they take a urine sample, mouth swab, and hair sample which is all tested for drugs. Then they run a background check on you and interview your family members.

    From here they go on to the polygraph test and then... I don't even want to talk about the cavity search.

    Oh yeah, and if you fail any of those you go straight to federal pound me in the ass prison. So don't fuck up mmmkay.
  17. when I had surgery a few years back, I told my doc about my weed smoking, and he suggested after the surgery that I take marinol 3 times a day.

  18. this is only if they suspect use:rolleyes:
    they didnt drug test me for anything...ever...they had no reason to because i was up front about my drug history and they had no reason to suspect drug use during pregnancy

    now stop thread-jacking and stick to on subject.:devious:

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