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Is there a difference between these two Downstems? Bong related

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cursed Assassin, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Uhh one has an attached bowl and one doesn't?
  2. Oh, and non-diffuser means it doesn't have special diffused stuff done to it, which basically means it breaks up the bubbles into smaller ones.

  3. Hmm, I thought it was just a stylized ending? So if I buy this one means I wont need to buy a bowl, im assuming? Well, thats great
    Btw, is it removable?

  4. It's a built in bowl. You can only remove the whole thing, which is what I usually do with a three part system anyways, it gets more air flow. But if you already have a bowl and want a 3 part system (Bowl, downstem and bong) then get the other one. Do you already have a bong and the downstem broke? Or looking to invest in a bong?
  5. Im actually creating one from the ground up and was watching videos on youtube on how to do just that and was kinda let down.
    People were using pens and bolts, I was like I gotta do better than that, so I decided to just buy certain parts to save time and hopefully money.
    But I do want a three piece systems, thanks for explaining what that meant cuz im not to familiar Bong terminology.
    Again, the reason why I want a three piece is because I wanna implement this, Glass-on-Glass Slide Bowl - Inside Out Frit Swirl - Choice of 3 colors -

    That will fit right? considering that and the stem are two different brands.

  6. Every glass joint has standard sizes, so if you choose the 14.4mm option for that bowl it will fit snugly in the non-bowl downstem. But I would look around more to find better downstems, because it's not much more, and the more diffusion there is (pearls, slits, arms) the cooler the smoke is going to enter into your lungs, therefore a less harsh it.

  7. Thanks bro, I appreciate your guidance

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