Is there a difference between light and dark seeds?

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  1. We gave our friend all the seeds we had since he is getting into growing, and he wanted to know if there was a difference between the two... like if ones better than the other, has a better chance of growing... whatever.
  2. If the seed is white or a very light green, they're not other words, throw them away. Chances of them germinating are slim to none. The dark seeds are the ones that you keep. The complete black ones are most likely dead. A nice brown color indicates the seed has a good chance of germinating.
  3. also look for tiger srtiping or spotting on the seeds as this is usually a sign of a good seed, and i have always found the larger seeds are happier than the smaller ones, that is only my opinion.
  4. Grey,brown,dk/brown,tiger stripes are best.
    Big or small,they grow the same.
    I planted shinny black seeds 3 days ago and they worked.

    like said white or light green are no good (to young.)

    A simple test is to pinch the seed lightly in fingers,if it gos flat than its no good.
  5. you want the greyish ones with stripes. but no matter what give them all a chance to germ and dont throw any away.
  6. Hi guys.

    At what point would you consider the seed a loss? As some of you know I harvested my own bud with the seeds in it. Some of the seeds have a light green tinge to them, others are brownish/grey. Out of like 20 seeds that I have been germinating in a paper towel after 4-5 days, only one has sprouted. I have not manicured all my plants yet, but I sure hope that they are not all to imature.
  7. How warm were the seeds kept while germing? 80-90 degrees is optimal and thats the usual reason for low germ rate.
  8. Grower,

    The seeds were probably kept at around 74 degrees. So is that say they will not germinate at all? I would have expected faster being that they are fresh and all.

  9. Ok guys here are some shots of my seeds that I grew from a strain called Buddah. Some of the greener seeds seen in the third shot might not be viable as Rockhard mentioned, but here are the seeds nonetheless. 2 have germinated in the towels so far. Any further thoughts/comments?

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  10. And another

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  11. Last one.
    It probably wont be up to quite 80 degrees here tomorrow, so how could I warm the seeds up in the meanwhile?

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  12. Those seeds are a bit green, it looks like those breeders are getting hastey. :( thats just sad, they should have some respect in the work thay do, as should all we.

    But the heat shoud get all those mid-colored seeds to sprout. 70-75 is way too cold. I lost 24 seeds to 72-74 degree temps because my stupid bro wanted to be cold while sleping. It tucked in and shit with aheavy blancket. I mean i know its nice to sleep like that but i told him thre was 20+ seeds geming, dont tuern your A/C temp down because they are sprouting behind your computer. I easily lost $10-15K because of his ignorance.

    Anyways they needed higher temps. Look around your home for constantly high tep spots. I found behind a compuer is best because they are a always just a bit warm but not to hot. or you can just stary them in a grow box and the temps should be good but shield it from light in ablack bos or something because roots dont like light. whay didnt you take clones man? Cloning is key, especialy for indoors. are you going to do your next grow woth that shelf puled or cut out? ts not a aatructual member so it can be removed. PM me on where you live, I maight be abale to give or get you a hand making your setup.

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    Cheers Grower,

    Seeds are by the computer. Great idea! Yeah man I know I should have taken the clones but I just waited to long and missed my opportunity. Pluss I did not want to take clones of shitty plants with seeds in them.

    If I can get these little buggers going I will take the clones from the new females, just after I have sexed them. This was mentioned in someones grow journal. As for the room, I will just get my dad to help me hang the light over the middle of the room using a 2"x4" across the top. This would make the most use of the room.

    Thanks again.
  14. dam your in the middocean before? You must be missing out on so much awsome waves, sights and experiences. Anyways why dont you want to just move that shelf, i gues if you dad said no then hees the man... but gr0 knows that you need those walls to stop the light form being lost in the rest of the room bouncing around.

    Sorry but after 2 days if they didnt sprout there like lost there engery and aborted. :(. Better luck next time. My advice is go by these rules so you have more of a chance to get a female from your seeds.

    The quantity of nitrogen and potassium of the seedbed.
    Humidity and moistness of the seedbed.
    Level of temperatures.
    Colour of the light used.
    Length of daylight.
    Stress, any form of stress, makes that more male individuals will originate from seed. Even the taking of cuttings from female plants may produce male or hermaphrodite cuttings.
    To optimise the result, changes in one or more of the above-mentioned environmental factors for a certain period during growth, may be applied. During this time these environmental factors will deviate from the standard growing system for maximum harvest and quality, as described in nursery literature. The desired change(s) in the environmental factor(s) are started from the moment that the seedling has three pairs of real leaves (not counting the seed-lobes). This is the moment that male and/or female predisposition in florescence is being formed. After approximately two weeks the standard growing system can be reconverted to.
    Of the 5 above-mentioned environmental factors the first three are the most practical:

    1. Level of nitrogen and potassium of the seedbed: A heightening of the standard level of nitrogen makes for more female plants originating from the seeds. A lowering of the nitrogen level shows more male plants. A heightening of the level of potassium tends to show more male plants, while a lowering of the potassium level shows more female plants. A combination of a higher nitrogen level for the period of a week or two and a lowering of the potassium level is recommended.
    2. Humidity and moistness of the seedbed: a higher humidity makes for an increase in the number of female plants from seed, a lowering for an increase in male plants. The same is valid for the moistness of the seedbed.
    3. Level of temperatures: lower temperatures make for a larger number of female plants, higher temperatures for more male plants.
    4. Colour of light: more blue light makes for female plants from seed, more red light makes for more male plants.
    5. Hours of daylight: few hours of daylight (e.g. 14 hours) makes for more female individuals, a long day (e.g. 18 hours) makes for more male plants.

    Also you could harevst and leave a few buds here and there and re-veg your plants then clon them and flower the re-veged moms under better lighting condtions.le of nowhere, have you ever seen the
  15. what is optimal temp for seed germ? i have a mini fridge the room that can be set to hot so i just did that and ahve the door cracked so its like 85-90 degress in there

  16. yes 80-90 degrees is good.. what are you using to check the temps, do you have a thmometer in there?
  17. yes I taped it to the side wall-how long should I wait before I throw them out? lol they've been chillin at like 75 for the past week just switchted them to warmer today.cause I relized that was the only thing missing was temp....and what about seed handling does it matter if it touches my hand or should i use tweezers...i understand shock i going from really cold to really hot way to fast...and stress by like not watering it enough tne over watering it...someone just elaborate on the target i'm trying to stab?
  18. seed syou just put into a papertowel and put them under the heat. there is no shocking them unless if you go too cold or to hot. i think you killed the seeds now because after they dont sprout in 2 days they already gave it a try, didnt make it, and cant sprount anymore.

    no offence but read my posts! I already said this. Give up on those seeds.
  19. true i do skim but if you get you know me...I usually like to confirm even if i know i locked my car door 10ft after walking away ill go back and check half the jsut crazy
  20. LOL.. i guess it saves you allot of greif if you didnt doubble check and screwed up or got your car stolen :D "measure twice, cut once"

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