Is their a way to edit the title of you thread after you posted?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by burnttwaffle, May 27, 2008.

  1. exactly what the title stayes, i cant seem to find a way to do this, considering i havnt tried that hard im sorry but i was just curious

    a lot of times i wanna change thread names cause i thought of sumthin better
  2. Just PM a Mod, Super Mod or me and one of us will change the title. :)
  3. thank you:wave:, btw did sum1 re-arange the smileys? just through me for a loop lol
  4. It would be cool if there were an easier way to do that. I sometimes think of cooler things for a title, or there's a little typo or something. I never have a change that's worth PMing a mod over, no point in giving you guys any extra guys do enough as it is around here. I could understand where it could be a bad thing if people could easily change the titles though...I've seen people make an original post of something like "post here if you like ____" (something cool that a lot of people like) and then later they change the OP to "post here if you're _______" (something offensive that people wouldn't want to be.

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