Is the water droplet burn a total myth?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by drewbot, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. I recently perused the garden literature at Barnes & Noble to see if I could find a new nugget of information that I'm interested in. One book was dedicated to myth busting and it included the titled topic. It maintained that the marks left after a rain or foliar is not from sunlight on water droplets concentrating the sun. It also mentioned in few words that the water droplet is the wrong shape to focus sunlight onto the leaf. I agree that the shape would have to be convex at the bottom or hovering above the leaf at the very least. 
    It also maintains that the small marks left by leaf droplets are due to small and short lived general fungus infections that are thriving at the droplets edge where the humidity is high. 
    My spider senses tell me that this article is probably true. 
    If true, then the best time to foliar might be when the sun is at its brightest. 

    Also, it is best to foliar with a fungicide or a general biocide. 

    Finally, it means that perhaps we can get away with foliar applications directly on the bud, directly in the sun. 
    I've gotten away with doing large commercial grows with basically no foliar application; however, this year I'm stuffed inside greenhouses and I need help figuring out what my limitations are in foliar. I've personally seen, smelled, and tasted the results of bad spray programs. I'm hoping to put a good plan together for '15

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