Is the "thirsty light" good for our "situation"? :)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by PharCyDeD, Aug 31, 2008.

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    I came across this because I love browsing the items at thinkgeek, but then I got to thinking maybe this could be useful? Could be a possible solution to properly water the plants. Seems like you would be able to keep them watered enough, but not overwatered very easily with this handy lil tool. What do you guys think?

  2. for just starting growing it may help, but i think you will find eventually you will know by looking at the plant what it needs, sounds weird but they do tell you
  3. Whats wrong with using you're finger? lol
  4. Yeah I figured for an experienced grower it would be more of a novelty item, but for someone like myself who is working on their first could put my mind at ease as I give it a go. I am still on the fence with the type of setup (may try hydroponics) I want so I may not even need this thing.
  5. Nothing lol. Just like technology :)
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    dude for $10 fuck it why not. i mean if you feel that will help you out go for it.

    however i will agree with other posters in that using your finger and just looking at the plants is just as easy. even for a noob. it does take some practice but isn't that hard.

    i'd say this might be more useful for the casual houseplant that you occasional forget about. but for something you're checking everyday, eventually you're gonna figure it out.
  7. thinking hydro hey... Id say keep reading man, I have never tried dirt grows I started hydro... You will get a few bumps but it does pay off, and no mess...
    I use the flood and drain and love it, a bubbler cloner.. love that to.. its all tuned in and easy to keep up with...never have to change dirt or clean it up...
    gluck with your decision

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