Is The Saying jungle Fever Racist ?

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    Who feels the saying Jungle Fever is border line racist ?
    Jungle fever is defined as a white person in a relationship with a black person. The black person being from the jungle,

  2. I think so, but my opinion realistically won't mean much because I'm black so I must be biased. It comes from the term "Nigger fever". It would be used to literally mean a white person who must have some sort of illness to ever be infatuated with a Negro.
  3. Its not the best term but it's not racist.

    It's outdated which is probably the biggest problem.
    '''The meaning behind jungle fever is a white person being with a black person. the black person being from the jungle. As if blacks really come out of the jungle. And the fever is the white persons part indicating that the person is ill of some sorts. '''
  5. I think it's definitely derogatory. I don't know if it necessarily quantifies as racism.
    I mean, the roots of the terminology are deep in racism, right.
    I think some black men are sexy as hell, though.
    So I've definitely got the feva! 
    Then again, I think white boys and brown boys and beige boys ... some of them are all hot. :D
  6. Ok, so it is. So is most stand up comedy. So what.
    My wife and I have an interracial marriage. Our 3 kids are mixed breed. We sit around and joke about it all the time. We make fun of people, as well as each other and relatives, and laugh at lots of racial humor. We think it's not only funny, but healthy as well. This all helps us deal with others around us who have problems with who we are. We have experienced less than stellar treatment at restaurants, banks, ticket lines, check out lines at the grocery store, property management companies, phony two faced in-laws, etc. About the only thing that really gets to us are cops.
    In other words: I'm sorry you feel that way, but at the end of the day, fuck this BS pity party.
    Don't getcher panties in a bunch - I smiled when I said that.
    If you're so sensitive and insecure in your ethnic background, get therapy. Or find a world to live in where everyone else is just like you.
  7. Jungle Fever is a slang term from the 80's. Kids go around saying "nigga" every other sentence, but someone saying jungle fever is wrong.
  8. I got rice paddy fever
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    i'm white
    but, as suprised as some of you may be considering some of the dumb shit i've said here in the past. i think its pretty dam racist. its making a joke/mockery of the person and their race. But its more disrespectful than anything.
  10. Lmao! How could it possibly not be racist to suggest that black people are jungle animals? :confused:  :confused_2:  :confused:  :confused_2:
    What the everliving fuck? If you have to ask the question, then you obviously don't understand what racism is....but what in the fuck could you possibly understand it as? Please, enlighten me. Those of you who said this isn't racist...what would be?  
    And, to be clear, I don't really care. Obviously most people are joking when they say it, and are actually kind of mocking how stupid it is. That's fine, and hell if you really believe that black people are jungle animals, then you can go ahead and say it too. Just don't say, "Yeah black people are jungle animals, but oh no, I'm not racist" because that is fucking delusional. 
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    To be clear. The TOPICS TITLE does not not mean i do not know,understand or comprehend  if the saying "jungle fever" is racist or not. Its just question in the TOPIC TITLE that way to attract viewers to add there views on the topic. Oviously you did not read the first response's to this thread?
  12. Oh for christs sake that is the most racist thing I have heard.
  13.  Explain:
  14. I would think it was a pretty outdated/ignorant thing to say. 

    Sorta thing you'd hear an old red neck say. 

    Not really a phrase that anyone progressive would (or should) use, imo. 
  15. I don't have to explain. If nobody agrees with me, then I am a dick for saying it ok?
    LOL -ok then Richard. Yet another great post in GC
  17. Obviously I did. I even asked those first responders a direct question....
  18. There are so many racial issues to be concerned about and I don't think the term jungle fever is one of those issues.

    I'm black and I pretty much exclusively date white guys. My black friends joke that I have jungle fever and it's exactly that, a joke.
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    You may be right. I kinda thought this was a social are to communicate with others about certain topics and or subjects. Most people do not take racial comments lightly like you and your friends do. Big props to you for not feelings a tad bit offended when being categorized as someone from the jungle and your mate being ill with a fever
    Now i see why Dave Chappell was a great tool and why he finally woke up and left

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