Is the chatterbox thread messing with ur comp

Discussion in 'General' started by GolgiApparatus, Aug 12, 2008.

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  1. I think someone embedded sum BS in it

  2. Did your screen just shrink to some weird porno thing, jiggle around and open quicktime?
  3. its the user hithere, he's destroying every thread he enters
  4. dude that shit happened to me clickin the i smell somethin fishy thread
  5. I was wondering WTF happened
  6. Ahahaha watch out if he finds this one :D
  7. I had JUST toked a fatty bowl too. Exhaled and I saw my screen...thought I was having a stroke.
  8. i actually wonder how inmature some kids can possibly be
  9. Chatterbox?
    Am I missing something?
  10. Do you not know what the Chatterbox thread is?

    Where have you been, under a rock?
  11. lol, thank god! not the chatterbox thread but another thread started a chain of gay porn quicktime shit and the browser kept moving around and then opened another 15 or so more firefox windows...i thought someone hacked me for a minute...

  12. What else do they do during summer vacation, when they have no friends, because they're obviously set on being insufferably annoying?

    Duuuh. :p
  13. Don't tell me you haven't noticed or posted in the Chatterbox Thread

    Check out the stickie near the top of the General section (but I wouldn't go in there for obvious reasons)
  14. Oh, I see now. I was thinking of something else. :rolleyes:

    Looks like someone has some 1337 h4x, watch outs!!!!1
  15. What, like terrorist chatter?

    lol :smoking:
  16. #17 Arnack, Aug 12, 2008
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    User "Hithere" is doing this.
    Mods, please ban immediately (do a search for his posts).
    edit: Looks like scooby found him first
  17. I successfully posted in the ChatterBox Thread!

    Why? I don't know, but I did it.

  18. You unholy bastard.

    I'll swallow your soul.

    I mean that in a loving way, I really do. :smoking:
  19. yes! i was onto him when i was in a thread and he posted a blank post and thats when that shit started...
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