Is the bowl hole too big?

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  1. I havent seen really any other pieces to compare its just my thought. what do you think. yes it is a tiny spoon

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  2. Its a lil big, Just break off a small nug about the size of the hole and wedge it in there... Pack your bowl and toke away!!

  3. yeahbro thats big alright, just throw a big bud in it or clean a pebble off.
  4. it will start to resin up after smoking out of it for a while, you can go get a pack of glass screens for 5 bucks at local headshop, or a pebble, or nug, any of them work:smoke:
  5. nah thats a good bowl man, just use a plug nug.
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    i haven't had much luck with the glass screen,it still shoots ash into my mouth,you can buy a pack of mental screens that are more flexible for custom fit,and i don't get ash in my mouth,check my teeth,their clean!:D :laughing:
  7. looks like it might of broke off at some point...unless its new. ive seen a lot of spoons with extra large bowl holes because they are rather fragile when cleaning. just sayinn.
  8. Get some metal screens at a gas station, they're a buck for like 10. You just push the screen down.
  9. We dont let pipes like that make it out the door at my shop....
    Next time, carefully inspect the piece, point out ALL of the flaws to the salesman and then jew them down accordingly.

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