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  1. From my understanding, the molecule that gets you high when smoking marijuana is THC. If so then vaporizing seems the best way to go as it would eleminate many noxious chemicals that could alter the high in some way. It seems there would be a much purer high than if those other chemicals didn't entered your system along with the THC.

    Also, it seems that if you vaporize, then it really doesn't matter what grade of pot you have as the only thing that is released into the balloon of the vaporizer is...THC.

    And if a THC molecule is a THC molecule, you could get just as high vaporizing some shwag dirt weed, as you could some blueberry chronic hydroponic that's grown in a state of the art facility.

    It's like taking a shot of golden grain alcohol, once from a paper dixie cup, and then another shot from a silver lined glass handcrafted in during the Elizabethan era. What's the difference? It's still pure alcohol!

    I tried to splain this to a buddy o' mine, but I think he was just too high to grasp it. Said molecules and such didn't interest him.

    Dipping Copenhagen,

    N. Halen
    420 present moment lane
    Present moment, Here 500011548125461254879999999555651586148716

    On a side note, I have calculated the number of the beast, and the beast is myself.
    I have no way of knowing the day nor the hour, however, of the showdown that is foretold in scripture.
  2. What the fuck?
  3. there are a few cannabinoids that affect you during the "high" of cannabis.

    like the guy said above me...WTF?

    EDIT: lebowski explains for me below.
  4. And there is more thc in dank weed than shwag. So there is a difference. Dank is stronger
  5. the thing is, with different strains, you get more thc with less buds, so yea in effect smoking some good quality buds that have lots of THC, you will have to vape a lot less than shwag.
  6. You got it wrong. The "other chemicals" are called cannabinoids, they are different from the noxious chemicals that a vaporizer prevents. There are I think a couple hundred different kinds of cannabinoids, a lot of them have therapeutic benefits, like promoting neurogenesis. Different levels of cannabinoids in plants give them the different feelings of high (body high/mind high) with THC being the main active baseline, i guess you could call it.
    I think vaporisers do leave a certain selection of cannabinoids in the plant, because the high is different from vaporisation versus smoking, with the same weed.
    Also, chronic has much more THC in its buds than shwag does. Theoretically, It should make no difference wether you smoke shwag or chrons in a vape because its the same molecule, although you would have to go through the shwag alot faster. But in reality the high from shwag is still shitty, even in a vape, probably due to different cannabinoid concentrations.
  7. So THC is a cannaboid, right? It's just the main one I gather. I didn't know there were other chemicals that caused a high. Neato skeeto. I guess my theory that I was arguing to my very passive and stoned friend wasn't as solid as I thought.

    I guess I am a bit humbled. I suppose it is just a foretaste of my eternal fate that is prophesied in scripture. Nonetheless, I will take as many souls as I can under my wings of deception.

    Broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and I am the highway man. Some cannaboids is the best thing I suppose to cope with the loathsome thought of my defeat.

    Hint: Take the second letter of every other word in these seaparate paragraphs (including this paragraph of instructions) tp spell out the backward name of the beast's favorite passtime. No joke. go ahead and be prepared for a buzzkill so eerie, that you won't know reality from illusion.
  8. AH the metaphors are killing me slowly!

    edit: rnoevoehoaefavpfhahovehi? wtf is that supposed to mean? get off the crack kid.

  9. So yes, THC is a cannabinoid, but its the one thats most active in the brain.
    But the other cannabinoids still make a difference, sortof like a "nuance"
  10. That is their design.
  11. A nuance! That is the best description I have ever heard! Seriously I a metaphorical sense.
  12. i dont very much care for word game myself, give me #'s....

  13. I'm sorry. I gave you wrong instructions. It's the 3 letter of every word in paragraphs 1 and 3, and the second in paragraphs 2 and 4.

    Read this word backwards and it spells out something that is to be revealed in the last days.
  14. if you gave incorrect instructions, then is your last paragraph's wrong aswell(as far as the word jumble gos). i dont even believe in such nonsense in the first place, im just bored.

    if its written is scripture, then why is it forged in YOUR words retailing to marijuana, not a more relevent article? either you are very bored and planned this and/or you are sick.

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