is thc still pumping through my veins

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  1. i smoked everyday for 3 months then went on a 15 day trip and took a break from weed and then I was home for a week and smoked everyday and then went on a 23 day trip no weed. Is thc still pumping through my veins? (Would I pass a drug test?)
  2. It's not in your blood but it's probably still in your piss unless you work out like every day then it might not be.
  3. THC is stored in your fat cells, so if your not burning your thc enriched fat cells, it could theoretically be stored in your fat cells for a long time; if you burn that thc enriched fat near the time of your test, you could test hot, so as Free Hat said above, working out is important, but making sure to flush all your thc hot piss out of your system before your test...

    For this reason, testers will often look for discoloration of your urine; if it is clear colored, then it is very obvious you have been flushing and it may result in an automatic fail.
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    I think the clear urine may constitute a retest depending on readability results. Otherwise......who doesn't drink a ton of water before an arbitrary piss test?

    I know I'm not trying to sit there until I have to pee any longer than need be. Stupid weed tests, true drug tests would look for alcohol speed and H. But that is really popular with numbing the masses, this why they created it to leave the body in 3 days or so. Easy to pass and get hired when your an alcoholic crackhead. But take a puff off marijuana before bed, your a loser apparently.

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