Is that a bong in the woods?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Blaze_It_Up420, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. So last night I was outside on my driveway with a friend rippin the bong. We send a gram of some dank through it. Im fuckin flyin.

    It was 12am but my mom was still up and theres no way I'm gettinm the bong back inside. I have a really long driveway . I decide to put the bong midway in the driveway on this little wooden platform for our trash thing. I go inside and wait for my mom to go to bed.

    Next thing I know, I'm on the couch and its 5:45 in the morning. I go "Oh fuck, the bong!". I hear my dad downstairs and He always goes on morning walks . I try to think of an excuse to get outside at 5:45 in the morning. I tell my dad I think I left my cellphone at the end of the driveway cause I was chillen there last night and wantd to make sure I didnt leave it anywhere. He buys it and mentions he will look when he goes on his walk in 5 min(close call!).

    I go outside, snag the bong, run to the other side of the road in some heavy brush and hide it in there.

    I am so lucky I woke up at 5am
  2. damn you got lucky. +rep for the funny story.
  3. lol lucky..reminds me of the time my friend and his friend wer sitting on the side of the house wich leads off in to a forest...let me get to the point see my friend sorta wasnt in the right mind set if you know what i mean..and hes like "ill pay you 10$ if you chuck the bong in to the forest" and the other guys just instantly chucks the bong..the damn thing bounced of a tree! didnt even this day we havent found it..:p

  4. Haha you should smoke like 10 grams and go on a search and rescue mission
  5. bahahaha..i was with em lol.. we actually left it sitting right at the bottom of the driveway while we toked.. he lives in a development that nobody ever really drives thru.. but we saw a couple cars and we ran back into his car that was parked at the end of the completely forgetting bout the bong...mehh hope they didnt see it haha
  6. Lol, pretty funny story...that really would have sucked if you woke up a little later.
  7. i found a bong on the sidewalk just sitting there one time and my friend took it and his dad fucking found it and threw it out
    i was super pissed
  8. Ive had a few close calls like that too, when I get baked at night I always forget where I put stuff and sometimes its real easy to find so I need to hide it better. Im in college but my parents like to search my room.
  9. Hahaha dude you got so lucky. That was a good excuse though totally believable. I could just imagine your dad walking out and seeing a bong in the middle of the damn drive way haha.
  10. Hahaha dude you got so lucky. That was a good excuse though totally believable.

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