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is texting your dealer sketchy?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DankSmoker2181, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. do your dealers care? sometimes im to high or lazy to call. and alot of times they don't answer there phone only text. it seem's like one of my dealers don't care when i text them about getting a 8th or a quarter. is it sketchy for the dealer to text. or they just don't give a shit. what do you think? should i start getting in a habit of calling instead of texting? my state is decriminalized , so maybe that's why they don't care. there small fish to

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  2. No, I don't find it sketchy.  In fact, I do so rather often.  Personally I prefer calling, but I prefer calling over texting in just about any situation.
  3. I prefer to call sometimes. But at certain times of the day I'll text. It really depends on the situation that you and the dearler in at the time. If you know they or you are someplace where you can't make a call like work or school, just text. If it's late at night just text. If its morning just text. Any other time I usually just call cause I want my answer right away as opposed to when they decide to text me back.
  4. i oly call once i get to know them a bit
  5. this is true also
  6. I only text my dealers.
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  7. I just call my dealer, it's a lot faster than texting.
  8. call first, if they aren't picking up, leave a text and wait for em to get back to you.
  9. I got iMessage, most my dealers have iPhones so I see if it's delivered. If they don't read it or have the read receipt off, then I call
  10. It is when your like "I'm coming to pick up an ounce",you never know whats up around him.Instead be like "can I stop by".
  11. ^That, I like calling more then texting just do I don't have talk about buying drugs in my text history.
  12. I always text my dealer, however we have a code. It is always random, but we always know what the other means. Say I ask him... "Hey bro, I'm coming through, can you make me a cheeseburger?" He knows I want a dub. If I say "I'm bored, you got any double features I can watch?" I want a quarter. Could be any phrase really just keywords matter "a" "double" "tipsy" "full". 

    Only time its has been an issue is once I text him just to chill, and he brought me a dub. lol... Was cool, I needed to get some soon anyway.
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  13. sounds convoluted to me. 
  14. Works for us. That's the way he prefers to do it. As long as he keeps good in stock I'll play the Daganja code with him.
  15. I've only texted. Never called.....
  16. The only thing with texting is that if you ever get suspected they can bring up your records and fuck you over with it, but youd have to be under serious suspicion which you caused another way, but still, you gotta remember the police can do that
  17. should i just ask him tommorow , whats better for you calling or text? or just continue texting , im not buying big amounts only a quarter at a time. it's decriminalized in my state so i don't think it's the police biggest worry. it seem's like he doesne't mind texting , he hasn't said anything. on the other hand my dealer only likes call's. what i hate about calling they don't answer the first time. and texting they get back to you quick.
  18. Doesn't hurt to ask, good thinking.
    Please remember that if you are a texter, clean your logs routinely. :smoke:
  19. I always just text my dealer the amount of money I have and we meet.

    It's not sketchy
  20. my dealer hates calls so i always text

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