Is Switching Lights Bad?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by MeanJoeGreene, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. During the day I use a 250w HPS but at night because of the temps I use a CFL will this hurt my auto's?
  2. Odd, is it hotter at night where you are?
  3. What wattage is the CFL? If it's giving the same amount of light it shouldn't really matter?

  4. No, but I have to check on it periodically with the HPS on because of the heat it creates and I cant do it at night. I like using the HPS because the plants really seem to like it, its a noticeable difference between the 2 bulbs.

  5. its a 23w bulb, I was just checking to see if I was doing harm switching between the 2.
  6. The only thing the 23w will do is maintain a light schedule, it will do next to nothing for growth. Autos flower based on genetically determined schedules, not the lighting schedules. You will likely lose growth and yield potential depending on how many hours we're talking about with the CFLs since many autos are recommended for a 20/4 lighting schedule.
  7. I should add, if you want to switch and still get some decent growth, add at least 3 more of those 23w bulbs since this will give you close to the minimum recommended for 1 plant.

  8. Thanks for both replies, this is exactly what I needed to know I had a feeling using the one CFL wasn't good for them
  9. the 250w hps is going to give you 100 times better results then cfls so figure out the heat problem and crank the hps

  10. will do...thanks

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