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is Sour Diesel mid grade weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by sweet mary, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. As in "mids"? My friend said he's about to go pick up an 8th of Sour Diesel, but I just want to know if it's midgrade weed...
  2. no, it's danks
  3. Na sour diesel is some chronic. You'll be happy when he gets back with it
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  5. Sour Diesel is a famously dank sativa-heavy mix. If you get mids then who gives a shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit what it may be named cause it is still mids and they cannot, no matter the name given to them, be any better than mids.
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  7. It depends more on whether it was grown properly or not rather than the strain. Poorly grown marijuana is poorly grown marijuana regardless of genetics.
  8. sour diesel is my favorite so far. The last time I had it, it had a bluish tint when viewed in low light.
  9. Sour Diesel can be dank, if grown correctly. Sour Diesel could also be shitty, if grown shitty. The name doesnt really matter if your picking up from the street, so just look for the usual signs of good weed. Dank tends to be more light green, has orange hairs, and has visible trich coverage. You probabaly already know this though so just check it out.
  10. This.
  11. Post a pic when uget it and we'll tell you..
  12. If I name my kid Albert Einstein, does that automatically make him/her a genius?

    It depends, it's dank if it's dank, it's bad if it's bad...
    Common sense, names don't make power.
  13. lol of course
  14. Just for the future friend. 99.9% of the time when weed has a name, its dank. Mids is mids. no name. Same with beasters and schwag.

    Happy toking :hello:

  15. WOW! You found that!? And all you had to do is go to DNA's website?! I bet they are free....right??? DNA gives out free seeds everyone please send 1000 annoying e-mails to them and ask about the free diesel give-away that kushaholic has informed us about...please do it cause I'm getting sick of all attempts at covert advertising...
  16. hahahah this is the funniest question ive ever seen.....if you know anything about weed you know that sour diesel is some dank shit
  17. Yeah, Sour Diesel is some dank stuff. One bowl got me high, two bowls got my head compressed, and three took me into another multiverse.

  18. Does a bear shit in the woods? :smoke:
  19. Sour diesel is dank. Honestly, sour d is probally the best weed you will find on the streets aside from exotic kushs and whatnot. Sour d tops most dank buds.
  20. It depends on if it's well grown and cured or not, but genetically it's a good strain.

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