Is something wrong with my plant?

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  1. If you look at the pic you can see the closest plant dosent look as healthy as the other. Also It's a lighter shade of green than the other. Both plants have been treated the exact same apart from the one at the back lives in a dark box for 6 hours a day. I was told I was over watering them, so have let them dry out, and today it was re-potted. I currently dont have a PH tester (will get to the shop on Monday), but as said, both plants are being fed the same water. They have had no nutes at all and are potted in the same soil. Could it be in need of some Nitrogen already? or is my plant sick? Please help me, they're only just over a week old and I dont want to lose one this early into my 1st grow.
    Oh humidity is between 50 - 65% but sometimes as low as 38%, and temperature never goes above 29C or below 22C.
    Hopefully that is enough info for one of you experts to be able to help me, if not just tell me what you need to know and I'll be right on the case.

    As always, any advice/comments appreciated.


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  2. yeh a see wot u mean m8 i think its just a little 2 much over water u just need 2 let them pots dry out till there nice nd lite when u pic them up because the roots need to breath if the soil is alwas wet the roots cant breath because the soil is always to compact air cant get through it

    i would put them on nutes at about 2 or 3 weeks they will look alot better when getting the rite amount of nutes but i recomend u get a ph and ec meter heres a pic off the nutes and ph nd ec meters i use the blue lab trounchen ec ppm meter is top dog

    u avnt realy got nothin to worry about there tho both those seedlings look ok 4 now good job just let them pots dry out a lil bit more befor u water them let those roots breath
    [​IMG] good look man
  3. dewd they were TOTALLY dry. it was so dry all the soil ahd pulled together so much I could see the bottom of the cup around the sides. only tilted the cup a little and she popped right out when I was transplanting her earlier. I cant be overwatering one and not the other if they both have the same amount of water can I? (not being sarcastic here, this is a genuine question)
  4. You could over watering even if the others needed water. Its best to treat each plant individually. Its likely the PH, so when you get that PH tester make sure your not too acidic/alkaline.
  5. Thanks to the awesome advice of Spanish Fly I let the plant be for as long as my curiosity could stand..........
    Its fine! Its bright green wich is a ph problem (my PH level is above 8.5!) so I bought a PH testing kit and PH down (as assured by the hydro bloke I'd need). lowered the water to get it to 6.5. now next time I water all I have to do is check the run-off PH level, and adjust accordingly (i hope)
    Sorry no Pic updates today, I havent had a chance to go see them today.

    As always, ANY advice/comments appreciated

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