is shwag really cheaper??

Discussion in 'General' started by godsthirdnut, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. first of of course gram per gram shwag is cheaper. what i question is the $$$ to intoxication ratio.

    now i know this is going to be different all over the place. i hear in the south west shwag is dirt cheap compared to up north (Mexico is near by). but in general where you live to you really think you get more value out of a 1/8 of dank for about 50 or an 1/8 of mids for around 20-30.

    seams to me like the dank comes out as a better deal where i live, plus it tastes better. plus its more healthy because theres less smoke involved per session.

    keep in mind a larger amount of the weight of the cheap stuff comes from seeds and stems, which must be taken out.
  2. if youre gunna smoke, smoke the good shit. am i right?
  3. If you have low tolerance, smoking shwagg is cheaper but I've been told that it is more harmful to your body.
  4. I do not know. I pay $10/gram, the stuff could be awesome, or it could be crap, the price really does not change.
  5. Well most people start smoking with schwagg cause that's what usually goes around in high schools- which is where most people start smoking.

    It's alright for a while, then you move on to mids, and once you've tasted really good bud, schwagg just isn't appealing any more. I usually smoke mids, occasionally some good stuff rolls through town...But even if it's schwagg, I'll never turn down bud if the price is right.

    edit: As for your question, I usually spend less on the good stuff cause it takes so much less tog et me high. I can burn through a quarter of crappy bud and just feel burnt.
  6. Man lemme tell you whatsup, if schwag is the shit right now for you smoke it. When its not the shit you gotta move on to the pricier and nicer buds.
  7. Down with Schwag, Up with Dank. Down with Schwag, Up with Dank. Down with Schwag, Up with Dank.
  8. My friend had a disease with bubbles on his lungs and they popped so his lungs collapsed and he thinks its because of all the dirt we used to smoke.

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