Is she ready?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by 2Packed, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. Well, my baby is looking ready to harvest to me, 70% of the hairs have turned orange and the buds are looking quite good.

    I know that the yield is going to be quite low but that's not what it's about.

    Have a look at some pics -









    Unfortunatly I don't have the facility to look at the trichromes so just let me know what you think.

    Thanks, 2Packed :smoking:

    P.S. Any ideas on the purple fan leaves? Lol :eek:
  2. There's hardly any bud there and that's a pretty big plant. You've still got a lot of time to let those buds fatten up, and the fan leaves turning purple is most likely from cold temperatures during the night periods... it's nothing to worry about. It just happens sometimes. Your plant looks great... very healthy looking. I think you still have a long time to let it go though.
  3. Yeah? Even though the hairs are turning orange? If I have to wait a bit longer to get more buds that's cool though...Thanks
  4. yo give it another couple of weeks, i bet there isnt even a quater wet weight on that plant and its not even that big yet. how long has it been outside?
  5. well mabey more than a quater
  6. Yah wow, give it a bit longer, there's barely any bud..Lookin like some nice shit tho.
  7. Hmmm...I'm not so sure. When the pistils are 70% orange/brown, that tells me the buds are matured, whether big or small. I expect THC is starting to drop. These other guys may be right, but if this were my plant, from what you've shown and said here, I would consider harvesting soon.
  8. hey bro. The problem is that you've got a hermie on your hands. Just from the pics i can see male and female organs. Thats the reason for little buds and for the pistils turning already. One guy said purple leaves are caused by the cold and he is right. But the cold also causes the hermie syndrom in plants. sorry bother, know its not what you want to hear but keep on growing. :(

  9. What does this mean?

    I thought that the seed sacks where still present but they fill with resin and help form the buds? What can you see that makes this a hermie?

    Anyone else got an opinion on if this is ready or not?

    Cheers, 2Packed :smoking:
  10. i need help.... on my first grow..... i dont know what im doing but im sure i got a plant sprouted and im hoping the others will too.... i would like help!
  11. IMO I would let it go . Some strains (Mazar for one) hairs ture red early and the buds plump up 1-2 weeks later. I have a micro and follow the trichs, but this is what I had found. Also there R alot of theroy's out there but I don't think ya have to worry , I would let them go and keep an eye on them.Cold also produces resin.Good luck
  12. I would let that run for atleast another month
  13. would be so tempting just to dry it all out now, I fast dried some bud off it and it was such a nice high :D

    I think I will give it a bit more time though...
  14. The reason why I say hermie from the pics is because you already have about 70% hair color change, the colder temps at night, color of leaves, size of buds, and the fact that there are male and female sacs on there. Look at the 3rd and 4th picture, that is the reaseon why. You have alot of sacs but not enough hairs. Some of the sacs are extended and some arent. You are right about the sacs opening but the fact that the plant is showing all the right sighns for harvest time makes me think hermie. Some people say that hermies are not good too smoke but thats a lie. You just dont want to breed them because of the lack of bud and if you do breed all of the seeds will come out hermies too, making the availability for more hermies to arive.
  15. I see nothing on this plant that indicates to me that it is a hermie. Female plants always develope false seed pods which I think is what he is seeing. I find it interesting that your first two pics look like there is not even any bud on it. Then, your close-ups look like they are almost ready. If you don't have access to any magnification, there is only one way to tell if it is ready; cut some off, dry it for 24 hours, and smoke it up. If you like the high, it is ready, if not enough high wait.

  16. Ok, yeah I already smoked it bit and it was a great high...

    I am not too bothered because it's my first grow and it was basicly an experiment :D

    Do you think it is ready for drying though?
  17. hey bro, If you have already smoked some and it seemed right for you than it is ready. There is really nothing wrong with hermies its just not what people like. Like I said before, hermies get you high and thats what you want right? I say go ahead brother. On your next grow try to make sure the temp, soil,watering,and feeding are right for the plant and you wont have that problem again.later bro.
  18. I also don't see any indication of a hermie here. Does anyone realize how rare hermies are? I think you have like a .001% chance of ever developing a hermie. I mean think about it, how many human hermaphrodites are there? Not many compared to the rest of the population. But, it does seem like a lot of people talk about them on the boards.

    Keep up the good work.
  19. You can't put a probability on getting a hermie because MJ is subject to turn hermie when placed under stress. Stress can mean lots of things -- training and pruning, over- or underwatering, overfertilizing, light types and intensity and schedule, temperatures, pH imbalance, on and on. These are all environmental conditions, so it's up to the grow circumstances. The more stress you put on your plants the greater the chance of it turning hermie.
  20. Also, humans are not plants with the capability of self-reproducing incase of emergency... so, not a good comparison there. haha.


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