Is Schizophrenia scare tactic still used against the public, especially the youth?

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  1. And by the way. Is schizophrenia as scary it sounds? With an illness like this, can you bear the symptoms and still live while ignoring most of them?
  2. who decides societal norm anyway... look funny these days and you are instantly psychotic loon man ,.... LOL
    looking at who u[pholds laws or whatever some they just look damn scary
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  3. Yes, it is still being used. And as cannabis activists, here are a few things you can use to counter that myth!

    If cannabis caused schizophrenia-how many cannabis users may need to be prevented in order to prevent one case of schizophrenia? England and Wales calculations. If cannabis caused schizophrenia--how many cannabis users may need to be prevented in order to prevent one case of schizophrenia? England and Wales... - PubMed - NCBI

    “In men the annual mean NNP (number needed to prevent one case of schizophrenia) for heavy cannabis and schizophrenia ranged from 2800 in those aged 20-24 years to 4700 in those aged 35-39. In women, mean NNP for heavy cannabis use and schizophrenia ranged from 5470 in those aged 25-29 to 10 870 in 35-39-year-olds. Equivalent mean NNP for heavy cannabis use and psychosis were lower, from 1360 in men aged 20-24 and 2480 in women aged 16-19. The mean and median number of light cannabis users that would need to be prevented in order to prevent one case of schizophrenia or psychosis per year are four to five times greater than among heavy users.” From “If cannabis caused schizophrenia-how many cannabis users may need to be prevented in order to prevent one case of schizophrenia? England and Wales calculations”.

    So, according to this study, you would need to prevent between 1,360 and 10,870 people (depending on age, gender and usage) from ever using cannabis to POSSIBLY prevent just ONE single case of schizophrenia!

    Cannabis and Psychosis: a Critical Overview of the Relationship (abst – 2016) Cannabis and Psychosis: a Critical Overview of the Relationship

    “Evidence reviewed here suggests that cannabis does not in itself cause a psychosis disorder. Rather, the evidence leads us to conclude that both early use and heavy use of cannabis are more likely in individuals with a vulnerability to psychosis.”

    Cannabis Use is Not Associated with the Development of Psychosis in an 'ultra' High-risk Group. (PubMed – 2002) Cannabis use is not associated with the development of psychosis in an 'ultra' high-risk group. - PubMed - NCBI

    “RESULTS: Cannabis use or dependence in the year prior to recruitment to this study was not associated with a heightened risk of developing psychosis over the following 12-month period and therefore did not appear to contribute to the onset of a psychotic disorder.”

    A controlled family study of cannabis users with and without psychosis. (full – 2014) A Controlled Family Study of Cannabis Users with and without Psychosis

    "The results of the current study suggest that having an increased familial morbid risk for schizophrenia may be the underlying basis for schizophrenia in cannabis users and not cannabis use by itself."

    Also, the rate of schizophrenia has held steady at about 1% for decades. The rate of cannabis use has risen every decade since the 1950s. If the two were actually linked, a rise in cannabis use would cause a rise in schizophrenia! That has NOT happened!

    I think the most you could say is that people who are dealing with the first stages of schizophrenia tend to self-medicate with cannabis, and that cannabis use may possibly speed the onset. However, there are some things that sort of balance the possibility of an earlier onset.

    Marijuana Use Associated With 'Superior' Cognitive Performance In Schizophrenic Patients, Study Says. (news – 2011)
    Marijuana Use Associated With 'Superior' Cognitive Performance In Schizophrenic Patients, Study Says - NORML - Working to Reform Marijuana Laws

    Study: Marijuana Linked to Lower Mortality Rate for Patients with Psychotic Disorders (news – 2012)

    IMPORTANT! People who have schizophrenia in their family should use a strain that has a good amount of CBD!

    Marijuana Compound Treats Schizophrenia with Few Side Effects: Clinical Trial. (news – 2012)
    Marijuana Compound Treats Schizophrenia with Few Side Effects: Clinical Trial

    And schizophrenia is usually more scary to the people around the schizophrenic, than to the schizophrenic. The bizarre behavior all makes perfect sense to the schizophrenic. And from there on, it all depends of what the person's delusion is, as to how scary may be.

    Hope that helps.

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  4. Mental illnesses are real
    Pot helps them but can also make them worse
    And mentally ill people are not bad people im fact a lot of them can be the best most loyal friends you will ever have.
    Before you judge someone with a mental illness or don’t give them the time or day to get to know them you should know they find it even harder to be friends with people.
  5. Schizophrenia is no fcking joke. It can destroy the individuals who have it and their families.
  6. Me I have something like this. Sometimes it breaks me down and cry alone. I have seen and done things in my life that i should have never. I did time for some. But marijuana helps me silence my demons.
  7. Schizophrenia can differ widely in its impact (especially considering if there are voice commands or paranoid schizophrenia).

    We had a discussion about this in lecture and it’s pretty much that marijuana can bring schizophrenia to light a bit earlier. It’s definitely used as a scare tactic or heavily (and falsely) implied that marijuana CAUSES schizophrenia which it does not.

    I do want to iterate that marijuana isn’t for everyone. Especially certain bipolar or schizophrenic individuals.

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  8. so on point. I’ll use myself as an example. Last night I got a really high but not as high as I usually get I was fine i said to myself nice mellow buzz about 15 minutes in it got bad fast. Had to remind myself several times I'm in control. My point though is when you feel like your too high or if you have mental issues like me you might not be that high at all majority of the time. I could have smoked more but because I was getting myself anxious and and paranoid i was getting something it made my high really bad.anxiety for me has always been the leading cause of me feeling to high or uncomfortable and freaking out. It really helps mental illnesses but if u smoke too much or can’t control your self it can make your issues worse.
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  9. Schizophrenia is seeing or hearing things that are not there. This would be caused by wiring or chemical deformity. Think of two wires touching that should not be, or chemicals like salt and water connecting them up when they should not be. This then gives images or sounds that we think are there but are not. Or thoughts.

    Psychosis is the loss of contact with reality. Or so they will describe it as.

    They will use these two terms in combination so you need to understand them both.

    But in regards to cannabis it will fluctuate the patterns in the mind so instead of thinking about one thing, or subject, you may think of six. Thus creativity. And of course if you understand what I explained above this stresses the mind in somebody with this condition but the mind will process it all normally when it does not have the condition since it does not effect the critic process like alcohol would. And hallucinations in early users is an effect of the electricity being processed through the mind. Which is why some never get it, or it only happens their first few times, etc. That is also where paranoia comes from since it is triggered through the fluctuation process as well.

    But what they will do is use the 5 sub-type system to claim we have it, or have increased risk, because at the core it is one big hypocrisy the way they have it created. Or in other words you can say it about almost any group the way they have it all combined. And just target them. For example... and with stress from pleasure and hatred... what activity can you not say would increase it? And loss of contact with reality is actually a naturally occurring process due to we each perceive our own reality. Ever see a politician speak? Does not becoming a politician increase the risk of that?

    The main reason they do it is to distract from crimes or discrimination. You will never see them publicly target a group with this campaign, or what is basically a large hypocrisy to segment them off as having "suspected" mental problems, if they are not targeting them for an abuse. The mind will just not do it because it has no reason too. And have you ever once heard these "students of human nature" actually talk about the overall systematic crimes against cannabis users? Or just our suspected mental illnesses which cannot be seen or found in real life since cannabis use does not lead to crimes, violence, or delinquency...? And I think seeing and hearing things that are not there, and a loss of contact with reality, would both cause it. Intentional, or not.

    But to answer your question they still use it. In Canada they write it on the legal packages of cannabis products and claim it is the reason for heavy taxation. You cannot study their claims because that would require government approval though. ;)

    I heard the DEA stopped using it... but you would have to verify that.

    But not only does this hurt cannabis users but it also hurts people suffering from the actual "disease" because to make it a giant hypocrisy they have to use a system which doesn't make sense. Something that I think is even hinted too in their DSM. Or what would be manual.

    We call it a "Tea Campaign" since it has been used on groups including tea drinkers when they wanted to tax and ban that for various reasons. Ask them what specifically in cannabis causes it, or to show them the users suffering from it outside of societal norms. Bet they will not... because they will only exist in their research due to the way the system is done. Or would have suffered from it anyway because of societal "norms." IMHO.
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  10. From what I've heard it sounds like if you're predisposed to it, it's gonna happen just smoking weed might bring it out earlier in those people. If you're not, weed won't do shit. Weed obviously doesn't "cause" it either way since if it did everyone who smoked weed would have it and obviously that's not true.
  11. "From what I've heard it sounds like if you're predisposed to it, it's gonna happen just smoking weed might bring it out earlier in those people. If you're not, weed won't do shit. Weed obviously doesn't "cause" it either way since if it did everyone who smoked weed would have it and obviously that's not true."

    That is about right from what I can tell. But the important part is the play on words they use. "Seeing or hearing things that are not there, or a loss of contact with reality." Good terms to have when you want to ignore the abuse of women, or another minority, openly calling out your crimes. But basically it is caused by wiring being crossed by touching. This can be done either physically, or with a chemical like the salt example above. But because of how they word it this also now includes choices because we each perceive our own reality and see our own reality. That is why they can use the science on us because they have every possible combination of physical, chemical and mental condition that can cause that concept or pattern to happen. Which makes it be able to be used as one big hypocrisy since you can now use it on any group due to the patterns happening daily on all.

    It works like this. You combine them all so you can use it as a hypocrisy later.

    To do this, and after you have a hypocritical concept to start with, you create a 5 sub type system where the victims patterns of behavior that will be present are now listed. Such as paranoid. Nobody is lying... right?

    Once you have these categories, which can all be explained by watching a movie like "changeling", and where a women explains how they have all these categories listed due to the fact it is not a new system, they then use these to put you into various categories which do not make scientific sense. Which is probably why they mention a new system is needed. But once you are in these patterns, or categories, they then use another set of symptoms... such as being tired and sleepy... which we all have if we had to list it. And that is now used as proof you suffer from it, and also should be in that category, because you have all the patterns and they simply leave out the control subjects. Or consequences of the abuse, etc. And now you can legally do whatever you want to them according to law, and their science, because they fit that pattern.

    Psychologically and sociologically speaking the main reason they do this, other then to give doctors an illegal reason to abuse a minority, is because if you simply had the input of a women complaining that men were lying to jail and commit other crimes against them then they would only see that input and only have that to choose. But if you now put a positive association to calling them crazy, or mental, etc, though the medical field, backed by "evidence", "studies", etc, they can now choose to label the person as crazy, thus ignore that input stream based upon that, to get the benefits of the crime they think they are benefiting from while ignoring the rest because the person is crazy. Otherwise what will they say? And how will the mind process the data they do not want to accept?

    Psychologists have been using this system for thousands of years to commit crimes. And yes the science has been around that long. They just didn't call it that.

    If you are a homosexual they may just stick with diseased, or queer, to distract from their crimes. If you are in a "religious" society then just switch it to sinner, or heathen. Works the same since it is not a new system, or science.

    And like I mentioned this actually hurts the people whom are suffering from the real conditions. Because while they use better science when not targeting minorities and distracting from crimes in their office... since the system they are using on us does nothing but distract from the crimes of minorities due to it being a version expanded from sinner and heathen... they can never really put a system in place that will actually help people due to the fact you cannot have both. Such as simply saying you have an Auditory/Visual deformity causing the effects, or whatever wording they choose for the specific problems they have. And it is not hard to tell since the mind is a simple computer that splits up electricity from the input sources triggering various glands. And I would sooner be labeled that, and treated for that, then be thrown in a group with pretty much every mental condition known to man put into a blender. And treatments in the blender?

    For the record people with it, or predisposed to it, should stay away from it like all drugs. This is something they should know. But when you use this system targeting a specific group it is always to distract from the crimes. In fact a person whom committed crimes against me using the "He is crazy" approach later felt bad and told me that they only did it to distract from the crimes and next time I should point out this. And it wasn't they felt bad about the crimes they did to me... it was they felt bad about they started others doing the same to me. So they told me to just point this out and how they are just using it to distract from the crimes they are involved in. After that I did a larger study into the area to see how they were doing it to us on a larger scale.

    I have a garbage bag filled with jars with various illegal health warnings on them. I plan to use them to show other minorities what to look for when an organization... such as HEALTH CANADA... helps the government hide crimes. I warned them not to use this one after they brought it back around 2011. It was removed from our health site because I kept showing people it was the same system they used to commit crimes against women. But then they brought it back years later and by then it wasn't hurting us because nobody believed it anymore due to the activism... and eventually if the government wants to explain to women, homosexuals, etc, how the health department hides the crime against them they will have to also explain this to them. So why stop them when they are confessing to everybody that the crime is happening? :lmafoe:

    Something tells me they will regret hiring the person whom is using this campaign (Made for abusing women) while arresting us on the grounds of saying something isn't acceptable based on no reason, or lies, etc, (Same as women) while none of the psychologists mention the blatant crimes (same as women). Because even dem der simple minded women folk can see that. And they vote these days right? And surely they cannot be judges? :yay:

    For the record ladies... that was sarcasm. :love: And it works with any group for the reasons mentioned. ;)

    Another thing to mention... is that with systematic targeted government abuse being one of the main causes of this disease in the form they use it... due to it being used to abuse them... which is combined with the simple fact that they were not allowed to study it for years... ask them how they determined long term use causes it without being able to remove those factors. Because I am really curious how that science works. But no crimes right? :thumbsup:
  12. you can always tell the negative stigma type studies where the only thing that comes from it is that cannabis is bad ... not reasons given, no sciences just believe Us or Else type shit ...
  13. I happened to pick up an Oz of weed for about 175 bucks and it had a new warning on it that proves my point about what they are doing. The Health Canada warning is... "Frequent and prolonged use of cannabis containing high THC can contribute to mental health problems over time. Daily, or near daily use increases the risk of dependence and may bring on or worsen disorders related to anxiety and depression."

    This is a good example to use with the schizophrenia and psychosis because once again it is based on hypocrisy and in combination can show you the method they need to use.

    Example one... Changing it to alcohol.

    "Frequent and prolonged use of alcohol containing high alcohol can contribute to mental health problems over time. Daily, or near daily use increases the risk of dependence and may bring on or worsen disorders related to anxiety and depression."

    Change it to a sport...

    "Frequent and prolonged use of sporting equipment can contribute to mental health problems over time. Daily, or near daily use increases the risk of dependence and may bring on or worsen disorders related to anxiety and depression."

    Change it to borrowing money...

    "Frequent and prolonged use of credit cards containing high interest can contribute to mental health problems over time. Daily, or near daily use increases the risk of dependence and may bring on or worsen disorders related to anxiety and depression."

    Change it to working...

    "Frequent and prolonged use of work containing high stress can contribute to mental health problems over time. Daily, or near daily use increases the risk of dependence and may bring on or worsen disorders related to anxiety and depression."

    Let's now use victims of past abuse during societal racisms...

    "Frequent and prolonged use of being a homosexual can contribute to mental health problems over time. Daily, or near daily use increases the risk of dependence and may bring on or worsen disorders related to anxiety and depression."

    "Frequent and prolonged use of working as a women can contribute to mental health problems over time. Daily, or near daily use increases the risk of dependence and may bring on or worsen disorders related to anxiety and depression."

    "Frequent and prolonged use of having dark skin can contribute to mental health problems over time. Daily, or near daily use increases the risk of dependence and may bring on or worsen disorders related to anxiety and depression."

    You can do this all day long because the basic formula is that they have to use no reason, lies, or hypocrisy, to distract from the crimes. And that is what they are doing with schizophrenia and psychosis due to the fact that the 5 sub-type system is the most advanced way they created and use to do it. And all because it is based on hypocrisy.

    The main purpose is to help the population deal with the inputs of the victims complaints, or other harms. For example they can choose one of a few options.

    When the victims complain about being lied to be jailed and have their property taken, or taxed, etc, the population has only one option. To accept they are involved in a crime against their citizens for a clear benefit even though it is hurting themselves. With this they also have to accept that they would do it to Jews if Hitler asked, or to slaves. And all because it is the same crime. And because they are doing it for a benefit they also lose the benefit they think they are gaining from it... such as money they will now have to pay in taxes. All these are negative associations they would have no choice to accept if they didn't have options to deal with it. Like segmenting them off as crazy, or what should be a person they should ignore, based on various reasons.

    Option 2 is now they can now say they suffer from schizophrenia, or psychosis, and thus ignore everything the victims say and where they can just concentrate on the benefits of the crime.

    Option 3 is when they complain about the theft, illegal taxation, rape, etc, say they suffer from mental issues since that is another way they put in there.

    Option 4 is due to the way they word it they will now victim blame. It is their own fault for doing the drugs. Thus ignore what they say because of that. And the crime, broken laws, etc.

    One can understand when faced with the options presented here, or what would be without doing this, the people will instantly see and accept the crimes. But if they can now ignore you, which is based on the positive associations that the doctors are segmenting you off as crazy, etc, to commit the crimes for a perceived benefit to themselves from those crimes... they can do it too. And since the mind always chooses to do what it perceives is best by now ignoring this you do not have to accept the fact they can no longer call Nazis criminals for saying something isn't acceptable based on a couple lies to steal their money, or rape women, make slaves, etc, since they will naturally choose the option the doctors are creating for them. And have to create for them. Which is the reason they are breaking the law since using hypocrisy based campaigns based on hypocrisy to imply a segment of the population has mental issues is illegal for just that reason. And is considered one of the worst harms due to it being a massive hate crime, and when used in conjunction with telling medical lies while psychologists ignore the crimes for a direct benefit to themselves makes it clear crimes against humanity. A crime that comes with 25 years for each group they do it against for obvious reasons. But it is not being enforced by the government, or the United Nations.

    For example when the doctors put a positive association on lying to commit human rights abuses against women, or using hypocrisy, while implying they have mental condition to distract from the crimes... the population will follow it to rape the women just like the doctors want to. And when they stop this by putting a negative association on it... it stops. And the same is true here since they are using the same method against us. Something they can deny all they want but when the United Nations asked them to conspire in crimes against humanity against cannabis users they had to. Unless the mind suddenly changed and evolved...?

    For example when we pointed out the crime... how will they ignore the victims inputs and come to an irrational conclusion? So if the United Nations wanted them to use the same method groups use to rape women, kill natives, make slaves, etc, on us they would have to. Simple science... and is also the reason you will find it anytime they want you to ignore an input.

    This method helps them get away with what is called a love based racism. Where they ignore the crimes, victims, laws, harms, etc, and just concentrate what they are getting out of the crime while pretending to help the victims and society. The process invokes fascism which helps them ignore the rest. And when you try to shake them from ignorance they will now try and distract from the crime using various methods that make you to be a "bad" person they should ignore.

    The top four they use are:
    1. Crazy/mental issue.
    2. Method of which you go about confronting them.
    3. Somebody whom do not want the benefits of the crime.
    4. Just a despicable person they should ignore for some reason.

    Those are the top four use to discredit you but just know they will all come from the vein that cuts off association processes within the mind. Thus ignore you and what you say and get back to the benefit of the crime with no harms like their buddy Hitler taught em.

    For example if you stated to a doctor they are stealing our money the same way as Nazis towards Jews they will call you crazy. Not because they will have any reason to but because if they do not they will have to accept that truth. Then they will say it is not the same because they are doing it a slightly different method... but Hitler pretty much used them all so it will be the same depending on the situation. And then they may say how you do not want the money to fund social programs, or do not want to pay taxes, when they make more then enough from income taxes from all the people working to provide the product, etc. But all will be to segment you off as somebody they should ignore for their own self interests. Politicians do it all the time. Don't listen to the radicals, populists, liberals, conservatives, etc... just listen to them and their lies. And that way they get them to ignore everything they have to say, or complain about, like they do with abused women due to them having to use the same method when the United Nations asked them to do it to us.

    Just know that when they choose to be a racist they need to ignore truths they do not want to accept because of the negative associations attached to accepting them... and that is why you will see these illegal campaigns hidden within real public safety messages such as driving ones. Because if you complain about anything they will already have the positive associations attached to segmenting them off as a person they can now ignore to commit the crimes. Just like the Docs want. If not the argument would come down to... they are lying to commit this crime. And the population would agree. No other inputs there. Just like what happens now if you live in a country with women's rights and they tried this again after changing those associations from positive to negative.

    This is why they do this tactic and to stop it just call out whatever method they are using and show how they are breaking the law, or how they are doing it, to ignore whatever input it is they do not want to accept, or have others to accept, or whatever they are distracting from, because of the negative associations to accepting it or having it known. Then ask them to show you these people these mentally insane people, etc, because you think they are doing it to distract from the crimes you can show. Just like the past.

    Make sure to talk about how they are just segmenting you off as somebody they should ignore to distract from the crimes and talk about this for more then 20 seconds at a time. If you just mention it within their perceived state of the world they can ignore it. But if you rant on for more then 20 seconds mentioning how they are just doing it to distract from the crimes and abuses "That we can all see!" it is a lot harder because then they have to consciously figure out ways to remove the input that slipped into their conscious. And that is harder for them to do since it also requires them to hide the crimes while doing it consciously.

    For example somebody hit my car in a parking lot. And they waited for me to come out. Asking me nicely if we could not go through insurance... I agreed even though it is illegal and stupid. But the reason I agreed was in the last six months prior I had seen about 6 hit and runs including one that was done to me. And somebody let me away with a scratch on their bumper one time. The accident was their fault because they didn't yield when they should but I would have needed a witness since I hit their bumper when they had to lock up for something after cutting me off. So I give them 300 bucks to pay for their bumper and not sue me for any more damages. And they agreed happily because if I found a witness they knew they would have to pay me a lot more. So I just paid to make it go away since I was working at the time and didn't want it on my mind.

    But after I let them agree to not go through insurance I called them with a quote. And now they did not want to pay because they asked their "Friend" about me... whom said we shared the same weed dealer. And now that if I go to the police, or insurance, they will say that me and a car load of my friends were all stoned out of our minds racing around the parking lot and hit his car. (I was alone and sober.) "And not wanting to get me into trouble he let me go trying to do a younger person a favor." And then told me they would say that now I do not want to pay for the damages I did to him. "And who are they going to believe? A crazy lying drug addict like you... or an honest citizen like me and them...?" Said with a big rolling laugh.

    Telling me that this would now be his new story if I went to his insurance, or the police, and getting a 3 year old child to answer the phone calling me a crazy drug addict nobody would believe when I called back... at his doing from the rolling laughter in the background... this was the pattern I kept seeing every time I ran into one of these supporters of the police or the other groups.

    At first they will mention some other group they know they can easily prove are lying to jail you, tax you, etc. Like the police, doctors, United Nations. This is to take no responsibility for their actions, let you know others are involved in the crimes, you will get no justice, etc. And then they always call you crazy, or segment you off as crazy, to ignore you. Or to explain that you will be ignored. That is why I began to study it and then study what the various groups like the police had to do to get away with the crime since they were all so confident that they were all involved in crimes against humanity again and again.

    It was only the other day our police force leader said she didn't think our police force had a systematic racism problem. Which our Prime Minister had to correct her and tell her we did. Because I bet you that if a government was conspiring in human rights abuses against women by saying something wasn't acceptable based on a couple lies or hypocrisy while the doctors lied to commit the crimes while banning the discussion or research that would set them free all while the psychologists sees no crimes, broken laws, victims, self interests, etc, while also distracting from the crimes by implying she has mental illness for their own interests... I think she would have a different opinion.

    But if you want to know why they are saying this that is why. It is the most advanced version they have come up with and you need to understand psychology to explain how they are using it. And since most psychologists do not want to admit to being involved in the crimes... they too will call you crazy to distract and deny it even if it is the truth, and on the historical human record. And a lot of people do not study it enough to confront them either. So they get away with it in the same way as lawyers, police and judges are getting away with throwing the court cases due to nobody studying the law and calling it out.

    But when you know how it all works you can call it out. And it is a massive hate crime, and crimes against humanity, since each one is breaking the law to benefit from the crime themselves when it is their job to stop this kind of behavior in the first place. But the money, or other reasons for the crimes, is why they get involved. Then deny it as if ignoring things makes reality go away.

    And once again since the United Nations asked them to use the same method on us as Hitler Jews, or those whom abuse women, homosexuals, religious minorities, etc, you will see the process there somewhere because they will always have to create a method to ignore the inputs they do not want to accept. Like how targeting segments with crimes against humanity to pay for your social programs, or other perceived benefits, is about the dumbest thing you can do.

    Thankfully just like they can use psychology to abuse minorities we can also use it to set them free. And only one of the groups can speak openly about it to all.

    Just listen to the crickets from my opponents...

    And if you don't want to get into the science of it all you can simply ask the doctors and psychologists how they got away with these crimes in the past. If it is the same pattern of the doctors lying and using hypocrisy to help with the crimes for a benefit of the crimes while banning research and not pointing out the medical harms, or what would be victims, while the psychologists ignore psychology and use various methods to segment the victims off as crazy, and thus people they should not listen to through our authority routine, so they can distract them from the crimes... just know that because they know their field helped in the past, and if it is the same pattern, they will have to end the debate someway. Or in other words you will see their mind short circuit as their neural networks know that no answer will benefit them because they are involved in the crimes they know they cannot hide, defend, and now cannot explain how was done in the past... even though we know it was.

    Thus we be crazy. Just like those women, natives. homosexuals, religious groups, slaves, etc.

    Thankfully though while the United Nations seems to be taking a break from arresting people for the crime... while they are engaged in it... there is no statute of limitations. So I guess the backlog will keep growing and they are going to be busy people whenever they do start prosecuting all for the crime again.

    For the record I would like to apologize for implying people with these real condition are "crazy", "insane", etc. But that is how they use it due to their realities can not always be trusted from a scientific standpoint, and due to the past associations of how it was used. And they also mix it within that system to hide it. Without it would they be able to prove it, or what would be distract? And what would they say? So sorry about that and my mentioning you should stay away from it is just a warning you can choose to ignore if you want to. But it has to be mentioned since the fluctuations in the patterns, or what would be association processes, can lead to a greater chance the pathway with the problem will be triggered. :gc_rocks:
  14. Thinking about this later... I forgot to mention that due to the way it works by attaching the association that you are "crazy", or have another mental problem and should be ignored, they will not think you are crazy but just that if they attach it like the Doctors want them too they can ignore the data from you. Thus not committing crimes and no victims. You can prove this by asking them why are you crazy. They will try and give you a reason but the real reason is that they do not want to accept the truth because of the negative associations to accepting it. And that will come out through the debate when the data is correct.

    They will also use ignorance to ignore their crimes and benefits from them which makes the victims angry as they pretend to be honest while murdering and robbing minorities openly. When angry you are more likely to invoke fascism within the mind and thus may start to look crazy through the anger. So just accept that their minds have been corrupted to commit the crimes against you and your nation and understand why they want to ignore the world around them. That way you are less angry and will be less likely to trigger one of the patterns that will suddenly make their mind wake up and come into the conversation due to the fact you came close enough to triggering those patterns to hide the crime which they are waiting for. And if you do not wake the sleeping mind you can attack them all you want on their crimes that they are ignoring for money, etc.

    With this you should always avoid the four main patterns they use to try and distract from their crimes to make them go away. The reason is if you do not use a pattern close to it then they cannot use it on you. Or at least effectively. But I intentionally use them all the time to make them realize how effective their method to rape women and abuse minorities really is. Because all will be effects seen from abused victims and that is all they will think about. As per their training. And they used all the rest so many times to kill and rape minorities that anyone whom reviewed ten minutes of human history can see it.

    Remember racist psychologists and real ones do the science completely different for obvious reasons. Make sure they are using the non-racist version. And thus following the law.
  15. I could actually believe it. I think we also like think weed is the cure for everything and it is not.
  16. "I could actually believe it. I think we also like think weed is the cure for everything and it is not."

    Ya. There are very few conditions I will defend cannabis as treating. Basically if I don't know the science, or cannot prove it, I won't claim it. Leave the lying to them I always say. :p

    But other then the harms of the main reason why they do this "tea campaign", which is to get the population to ignore the victims for the benefits of the crimes they are involved in, are the harms when somebody is trying to get a job. Whom will they pick? The alcohol user with no labels? The church goer whom using the method they use to do it can be labeled as such? All because it is based on patterns we all have at the core and the others do not need to be present...? Or the cannabis user? Even if they didn't believe it just being attacked like that stigmatizes you. And all based on hypocrisy. So whom gets hired?

    Let's ask the women whom it has been used on shall we? ;)

    But the main reason they do this will be to distract from the crime and get them to ignore you. So you have to learn it.

    And for the record I don't always try to invoke those patterns. But when you do them close enough to invoke them in their minds to ignore the crimes like they have been taught too... then once this is in their long term memory you can show it is a pattern they used to ignore the crime and why. Then at that time, or through time seeing the pattern again and again in everyday life, and racism's against their groups, they will eventually accept it and attach a negative association to using it. Thus can no longer ignore those inputs but instead have to concentrate on them. Which is just an easy way to force acceptance when they do not want to by placing a routine in the way.

    The mind is no different then a computer. That's why the programming of racists are always the exact same. And they all have to use it. :D
  17. Meh like with everything else it will vary person to person. But honestly it does not cause Schizo if anything I would believe it would actually help tame symptoms of the illness.

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