Is Robin Hood a hero?

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    Simple question

    Is it OK to rob from the rich and give to the poor?

  2. question branches out to two scenarios:
    stealing from the hardworking rich man to give to the lazy poor man.
    stealing from the greedy rich man to give to the victimized poor man.
    first scenario is definitely a no. second scenario seems debatable, crediting possible justification, but stealing is just wrong. don't be a shortcut hero and steal just to make ends meet.
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    So there are exactly 2 possible scenarios?
  4. yea, it depends on the circumstances. im not particularly familiar with the robin hood story, but from what i do know about it he could either be a thief or a hero ... probably a hero
  5. yes. can you think of any other?
  6. Well if I'm not mistaken in the story Robin Hood "the poor" refers to the towns people who are FORCED to pay outrageous taxes to the rich making the rich even more wealthy. The poor didn't become poor due to their own poor decision making. They were forced into poverty at which point Robin Hood assisted them in their time of need ,and is that not what a hero does? Assist those in need.
  7. The original robbed the rich
    ....who robbed the poor
    who had nothing and praised robin hood

  8. I'd rather reserve judgement for such an open ended question.

    The closest example of a visible modern aged Robin Hood is Enric Duran. He is currently considered a fugitive in Spain for borrowing 500,000 euros from 50+ banks, and distributing them amongst projects he saw as valuable to the people. He worked this system between 2006 and 2008, before the Spanish economy completely tanked and the banks pulled the plug on their customers. He doesn't have any intention of paying back the loans to the banks.
    Neither do the Spanish people :laughing:
  9. He didn't just give the money to the poor...he did do that

    but he also was sending money to pay the ransom of King Richard, who had been off fighting in the crusades...

    His brother Prince John was the one taking all the towns peoples money and trying to arrest or kill robin hood...

    Once robin payed enough to get Richard free he returned and freed him (he was an outlaw under Prince John)

    He knew once Richard would return all the other problem would be taken care of...
    but to answer the question, one mans freedom fighter is another mans insurgent...
  10. If Robin Hood is a hero, then you could be a hero too if you steal from the government. ANARCHY!?
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    that wasn't his government though, His King was off fighting in the crusades, the temp government was the problem...

    Robin freed his king and allowed for his return and Robin no longer was stealing from the rich to give to the poor...

    Also he was a Knight under King Richard (he was called Sir Robin of Locksley), so he was a member of the the Monarchy...
  12. So if the party I vote for isn't in power, I can be a hero for stealing back my tax money and using it to fund Liberal campaigns?
  13. no because you are trying to compare a democracy to a monarchy, and that doesn't work...

    in a monarchy it goes off of bloodlines, not are the king because your bloodline says so, also your birth order
  14. Robin Hood was a terrorist with an agenda of taking from the Rich and giving to the Poor all the while subverting the legal authority he didn't agree with. Using guerrilla hit and run tactics he created fear in the hearts of his victims while gaining fame and favor among the recipients of the ill gotten gains from his deeds (good or bad who's to really say). 
    ~Happy Holidays Troll lol lol la la la la la~
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    He's a hero because trickle-down economics is total bullshit.
  16. that wasn't the government though...

    Prince John was a fill in, not the king...he was not supposed to impliment new laws and taxes and make knights and higher members outlaws, but he did, and that was against the actual laws of the land...

    Robin freed the actual King of England and that returned the land back to the actual government, King Richard...
    Bro just because a government is not the legitimate one doesn't mean that it isn't the government still in name and functions, what would you say otherwise "the fake government or illegitimate government"?
  18. It was still the kingdom of richard, his brother tried to change things but he couldn't because he wasn't king...

    He never thought his brother would backstab him but he did, and what he did wasn't legal in terms of the actual government...that's more like it was kidnapped for a short time, but they never actually had control since robin still freed the king and took their money back (because it was more than taxes, the people would come to your home and just rob you in the name of prince john)

    That's why when the king returned it all went back...

    Until richard died, he was the king and the one else...that's how that worked then...

    Y'all need to actually read the book instead of just going off of what you know about US government and the disney movie
  19. I don't disagree with what you are saying just saying that even though it switched back it was still the government as far as everyone in that area was concerned.
  20. Fleecing the rich is fine to an extent since they fleece the masses.

    So a scenario where the rich only take from the poor masses without giving back, a Robin Hood type would be necessary.

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