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Is reg suitable for making edibles?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by ResinGuzzler, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Looked quite a bit but couldn't find a clear answer to this question. I have an oz of reg and want to make a q of it into cannabutter, but most guides I've read people were using nug instead of reg. Will a q of reg work well if I do it properly? And how much butter should I use for that? 1 stick? 2 sticks?

  2. I have made firecrackers using reg and it still straight up put me out. I think the only difference in using reg vs. dank is the type of high you get. Whenever I eat edibles made with reg (or even just smoke it for that matter) I get a much more downer type high. When I have had edibles with dank I notice a much more psychedelic and more euphoric high. The reg gives me more of the couchlock effect if anything.

    I have found a good dosage for me which is about 5 grams of dank for every stick of butter. So with the reg, I would opt for maybe 8-9 grams per stick. That should be more than enough to get you fucked up, assuming you are making your butter properly.

  3. You're going to get all kinds of answers to your question, but ultimately, it will be up to you to decide. My suggestion is to use 1 stick of butter. That's a half cup which is enough for most recipes. Reg pot can vary in quality so it's really going to come down to that and everyone's experience is unique. Find a good butter recipe that you're comfortable with and do it. Keep an open mind when you do it and don't go into it with preconceived perceptions. Then you won't be too disappointed and very likely will be pleasantly surprised at the results.

    As for decarb, you shouldn't need to do that with reg because it's already fully dried and adding more heat could degrade it more. Good luck and enjoy your edibles.:D

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