Is Putin trying to start a war with the USA?

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  1. Why else would he tell his fighter jets to buzz an american Navy ship?
    If someone keep flying by me in an agressive way I would shoot him down
    Of course Americans will show paitance. But other countries such as turkey???
    So what do y'all think Putin is up to? Is he going to deny it? Is he going to say it was Americas fault?
    What is Putin doing? Why would you want to instigate shit like that. Does he want his plane shot down?
    Americans want to be left alone...

    US Navy Ship Encounters Aggressive Russian Aircraft in Baltic Sea
  2. Sadly I wonder if it even happened or my wonderful government has warped and streched the truth.

    The link on drudge has already been taken down and replaced with a Hillary link
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  3. Now of course no one really knows, but from my understanding of the larger picture:

    Putin's Russia is a Paper Tiger, it's a show for the medias at home to convince the population that he's a strongman. I recommend you look into Russian politics and their idea of a good leader; there are several polls to look into, as well as some good journalism from outside sources before Putin moved to enforce more control over foreign medias (as they were exposing his weaknesses).

    I'd srongly recommend checking out the most recent The Economist article on Putin! (Featuring this very descriptive cover)


    And to calm you down, I'd like to remind you that Turkey shot down a Russian fighterjet just recently and Putin didn't exactly roll into Turkey the next day - Turkey 'won' that engagement, both by shooting down the warplane and by not backing down when Russia got buttmad afterwards.

    Finally, if push were to come to shove, Russia is poor and their military, should it come to an engagement, would be crushed by the superior tech, experience and bankroll of the US military alone; add in the European combined battlegroups and Russia is a fart in the hurricane

    TLDR; Show of strength for internal medias/continued image as powerman for the population
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  4. Russias economy is plummiting. Honestly Many other countries are a bigger threat and I think Putin hates the fact that USA and Russia aren't the big kids on the block anymore. Now it is more like UK, USA, North Korea, China, and Japan. Whole fucking middle of Russia is inhospitable due to the chernobyle incident. Russia has been going down fast ever since the USSR has been disbanded.

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  5. Would always take such reports with a grain of salt.

    In the end its the US who deployed a warship near russian waters which ultimately led to this incident.
    Also lets not forget that the US is the driving force behind the agressive Expansion of Nato in Eastern Europe over the last decade even though they said they wouldnt do that after the iron curtain fell.

    Thats not saying that this particular incident wasnt stupid by russia but to claim things like "Americans want to be left alone..." ignoring that it is mainly the US agressively spreading their influence around the globe shows a huge ignorance of the geopolitical situation over the last 26 years.
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  6. Then why is our warship thousands of miles away from America?
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  7. You don't know Putin gave that order for the fly by.

    Putin wants to secure Syria and stop the flow of refugees.

    These encounters are actually more common then you think.

    Once had a Chinese sub surface like a couple hundred yards off our ship.
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  8. He's doing stupid crap like this right now because he knows that at no other time in history has the USA been or appeared as such a weak and spineless nation. Our fine president and his administration has stood up and made threats and not kept them, made deals with Iran knowing fully that they will just use the benefits from it to design weapons to kill us with and I could go on and on. You better hope and pray that we can elect someone into the presidency who has some BALLS...or you're going to find yourself living in a nation that is not the America we've come to take for granted. Putin is just trying to convince the poor people of Russia that he has raped and pillaged for years so that he can live like a king, that he is the great and wonderful leader that he's had them believing all these years. Russia is on a slow train to hell. It's only a matter of time until those poor people over there see how they've been done...if the world stands that long. TWW
  9. This sounds like an accident, a mistake.

    You are playing into the Putin myth thinking he orchestrated this.
    Putin is a sly bastard but more of the shock and awe type guy.

    If I was Putin I would keep my head down with my fingers and toes crossed that Trump somehow wins.

    Vlad and the Don will be in their element guzzling fine wines from ancient golden chalices whilst staring at the Fuhrers skull on display.

    After dinner i can see them putting on some military combats and popping out for a spot of night shooting, I am sure Vlad would be able to rustle up a few Chechen rebels for sport perhaps.

    Vlad will have a harness and saddle on the Don before you can say "golden tits". It will be the beginning of a beautiful love affair and mark a new chapter for US/Russian relations. Vlad can give the US what it needs. Cannon fodder.

    A combined US/Russia force would rule them all.
    Its the sensible option for the Don to take and I have mailed him my suggestion.

    You heard here first.

    Propagandist for Propaganda
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    This kind of stuff happens all the time. Regular war games.
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  11. No. Neither country would benefit from it. American propaganda just wants you to think he does. Putin is just trying to show off to his citizens by acting tough. After all he is up for another rigged election soon
  12. What it boils down to is that nobody wants to live in Russia. Putin is like Trump - entertainment purposes only.
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  13. Fixed that for ya ;)
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  14. What if I told you?

    Obama did pretty well.
  15. I like Putin, Perhaps because I don't get my source of information about him from secondary americans news outlets, but directly from him.

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  16. I would laugh my ass off and ask what you base that on.
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    North korea and japan? Individuals in the united states have a higher income than north korea.Japan barely has a military. Look up: chernobyl or pripyat, ukraine. Too bad for that whole middle of russia amirite?

    Anyway, no, them neocons are trying to start a war. If we didnt want to anger them then we shouldnt have expanded nato all the way to their borders. You mean they dont like an organization meant to destroy them at their border? Or that we instigated a coup in ukraine so joe bidens son can make a ton of money while we put our navy at Sevastopol instead of theirs?
    Yes, we would win in a conventional war but theyd launch every nuke they could before wed even get to moscow

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  18. Hopefully
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  19. [​IMG]

    Daily dose of comedy right there.
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  20. Jesus Christ dude, that Navy ship was in Russia's backyard and yet they are still the aggressors?

    I think it's time to admit that American foreign policy has a few flaws.
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