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Is possible to milk in every kind of bong?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by John Lennon, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Ive just bought a small glass bong. Im new to bongs and I read that milking is the best way to get high.
    The last time I tried I wasnt able to maintain the smoke in the chamber, It just passed directly to my mouth. When I kinda did it, I exhaled the air in my lungs and smoke came from my mouth, I wasted a hit. :( And it was weed I just found in my backpack, Im going to be dry a few more days.

    Well, any tips? Or do I neccesary need a big bong to milk?
  2. You can milk any piece with water and a downstem. I have a small, 4-inch (ish) bubbler that I milk nearly every hit with. Part of being able to milk a piece is keeping a tight seal with your mouth; if you don't do this then the smoke can escape or you won't create as much smoke as you want.

    The first time I hit a bong I couldn't milk it on my own either, but the owner of the bong helped me out and I got absolutely ripped hahaha. Practice makes perfect my friend.

    Happy toking!
  3. Yup anything with water and a downstem. Its the best when you take such a milky rip ;)
  4. Don't know if it's glass on glass if not make sure it's air tight.
    Also how you pack the slide can make it burn like shit. Don't thumb pack it but don't just set in said bowl either.
  5. The only difference in milking is the smoke is thicker (ie more concentrated in a small space). Just really light the bowl well and maintain good suction. If it isn't working make sure your bowl is unclogged and torch that'll work.

    Happy smoking man
  6. hit the bong like you would drink through a straw (basically dont inhale but create a suction). then slowly take the bowl out of the bong and inhale. dont inhale the smoke all in one go because it will make you cough really hard. Dont forget your bong doesnt filter the smoke so well since its a simple bong, so its a little harsh
  7. Milk that baby nice and sloooooooooowwwwwly.

    If you like, you can milk the chamber halfway up then cover the mouth piece with your hand, take a breath and carry on milking. Then when its all pure white, open the carb/pull the bowl out and drink that beautiful milk.

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