Is pornography a sport?

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by angusbeef, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Yes or no?

  2. Do they test for performance enhancing drugs?
  3. definitely not.

    haha. :smoke:
  4. defiantly not?

    It takes a special type of "athlete"?

    no? lol

    Its defiantly a work out?
    And the game of it is to out last the woman?

  5. That's an entertainment for many, taboo for others and hard work for a few involved.
  6. IDK mang beating a girls cakes good can be as tiring as a wrestling practice or something..
  7. My hand sure thinks it is.
  8. It could be. I think we're on to something
  9. Let's make it a sport cause I wanna be a player lol.
  10. I think they actually encourage it haha
  11. If porn is a sport, I'm a professional
  12. well if driving in circles for 4 hours can be called a sport.....
  13. or cheerleading...
  14. Just because you are ignorant about a sport doesnt mean its not a sport.

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