Is pH monitoring necessary?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by TheSurveyMr, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. That strain should work for you just fine.

    I never monitor the PH of my soil...but I know the water I use is PH7 and I use all organic ferts.
  2. Ph is very important but with soil and any kind of normal nutrient setup you have to have something pretty funky go on for your Ph to actually get outside that normal range. I monitor mine every couple days but it is sort of like watching paint dry....nothing ever changes
  3. You only have to monitor your pH if you have a pH problem. PH issues usually lead to nute lockout, the plant cannot uptake certain nutrients because the pH is not in the range that allows that uptake. So the signs of a pH problem often are a nute deficiency. If it is too low you add an alkaline base and if it is too high you add something acidic. There are a variety of ways to adjust your pH.
  4. Holly crap your supposed to check your PH ? :D

    I used the drops years back to test the house water and have not checked since. I have not had problems but I really do want to pick up a meter and go hydro.
  5. I would suggest you atleast make sure the water you're watering the soil with is between 6.4 and 6.8.

    If you do that you shouldn't have to worry about monitoring your soil pH to such a degree.
  6. Once you get your op dialed in you may not need to check pH unless you see a problem. I rarely check my pH but only because I know what combination of my soil, my ferts, my water, and pH buffer will get me where I need to be, so I just mix and go. But the meter is at the ready just in case.
  7. I good rule of thumb for new growers is just do it!

    Check your pH

    run at least one cycle fallowing the letter and getting a feel for the whole process. Then as time goes on you will feel comfortable addressing problems as they arise with proper experience. It will also help trouble shooting when unexperienced even with soil.

    But f**k Ive run entire aero cycles without checking ph or ec/ppm just cuz it was so dialed in and i knew the strains well enouph.

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