Is Ph 6.6 Ok?

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  1. Hey GC members,
    I have been giving my plants non ph'd water and today I received my ph pen! I measured the regular tap water and it came out 6.6, then I tested the bottle I have left aside for 3 days with tap water + nuts in and that came out ph 6.6. I am unable to go to the hydro store anytime soon, if it stays 6.6 will it be ok?

    Thanks :D
  2. that will be fine. in soil I rarely measure PH, and in hydro mine regularly go up as far as 7.5 for a short time without problems
  3. That's perfect man! no worries
  4. Awesome man! I'm using canna coco pro so I'm guessing that hydro, thanks for the input!
  5. Good to hear, I was kinda worried about the ph it's been getting It just puts my mind at ease :)
  6. Lucky my tap is ph8+ .yes that should be fine IMHO. goodluck

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  7. Yeah I do feel quite lucky not having to adjust the ph, but I was surprised myself because before I tested it i was expecting some shit off the scale of ph haha
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    Did you calibrate your PH pen before use? Also I wouldn't use nutes that have been sitting around for 3 days 24 hours is the max I would go. I talked to a guy that was in charge of all the Fox Farms reps for the U.S and he said for both chemical  and organic based nutes he wouldn't recommend using them after 24 hours of being mixed for any brand of nutes. Also nutrients tend to lower the waters PH. Our tap water is a consistent 7.2 and after adding nutes  it drops it down to 6.6. I would check the calibration of your PH pen with some calibration solution. I never trust it when they say its calibrated at the factory. By the way the Ph of the soil run off is the important PH reading.
  9. Hey dude
    Yeah I did calibrate it! And ok I never knew that, il add them about a hour before feed, they seem to be doing really good for my 1st grow, still ans always learning :D
  10. Are you using organic or chemical based nutes and what brand? It sounds odd that your tap water tested out at a PH of 6.6 and your nutes that been sitting for days tested out the same PH. Out of all the different brands of nutes I have used whether organic or chemical based they all had one thing in common and that is they lower the tap waters PH. Also what brand of PH meter did you get? I know theres one brand of nutrients out their that now has what I think they call their PH Perfect line up. How it affects tap waters PH I haven't read about yet.
  11. I tested it yesterday and it came out'6.9 before and after adding nutes. I no longer leave the nutes in the bottle inlet it stand for a hour before feed. I am using canna a+b using coco. Could it be a possibility that because my area has a very good supply of fresh clean water? I don't live in the city or a very populated area, I live amongst valleys. That's what a mate suggested anyway. My plants are looking very healthy with a lot of new green growth, so I can't see it causing any problems yet :)
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    Never used that nute brand before but I heard their really good so they may be PH balanced pretty good. I would adjust your water and or PH nute mix to 6.5. To high and certain nutes get locked out and to low other nutes get locked out. Are you using straight coco based medium to grow in? If so PH the water and or nute mix to around 5.8. Coco is an inert medium and is PH`d more inline with hydro.

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