Is our plant ready to cut?

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  1. We planted an unknown seed and look what we got!

    Do you think we should cut it yet? It's been 3-4 months since we planted it.


  2. How long into your 12/12 cycle? Not that good of a pic to give an educated guess, but I suggest pulling out a microscope, and checking your tric's. Clear=more time needed, cloudy=head high, & amber = couch-lock.

  3. yea.. that's not how it works at all.

    when your trichs are 60-70% brown, harvest.

    the way it works is that as the trichs get cloudier and eventually get brown, theyre creating THC, once they turn brown though, you dont have very much time until the THC level starts going down, so thats why you harvest when most of them turn brown, so that the THC level is the highest.

    The thing that determines the kind of high you get is the strain.
  4. I helped him on that plant, and its not an indoor plant, we grew it outside, that's why we haven't been able to find any solid information.
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    HEHE thats cute trying to prove me wrong while doing a bad job at it ROFL ROFL!
    Mostly amber trich's will give you a more couch-lock high then a plant harvested with cloudy trich's ask anyone whom has truely grown./ The reason is that more CBN (Cannabinol) is present in amber trich's then cloudy. Yes the strain is a factor, but the trich's maturity level upon harvest can vary the body or ceribrial high. the THC doesn't decrease due to them turning amber, it decreases when they "explode", and the insides are exposed to oxygen...the oxygen is what degrades the THC.

    this is located on GC, RIU, and may other sites... [​IMG]
  6. thc does degrade within the trichome to CBN/CBD/CBC/a ton others

    and yes, you can vary the high somewhat between head and body. somewhat.

    the strain is the single most important factor in determining your high. ask anyone who has grown multiple TYPES of cannabis. not strains, but types.

    a true sativa, no matter how long you flower, will never give you that true narcotic couch lock you get from indicas. to the same extent, no matter when you harvest, a true indica will never have the same heady high that a true sative has.

    will the indica be *more* heady harvested when cloudy than one harvested when amber? yes.

    why? it all has to do with the ratio of THC to ex-THC cannabinoids
  7. So can anyone tell if this was a sativa or indica? Because we started that plant from a bag seed so we have no idea what it is. I think it may be a hybrid because it shows characteristics of both strains, but i may also be talking out of my ass because this is our first grow. lol
  8. isay if you thinknits ready to chop than doit but u should get another started for the future and do what u didnt with that one:)
  9. i would say cut it when its hairs mimic the maturity of bud that you enjoy white yellow orange red or brown

  10. we'd need a better leaf shot to even venture a guess...but, if I had to guess from the pic, id guess an indica dominant hybrid...maybe 75/25 or so. im just shootin in the dark though :smoke:
  11. Yeah thats pretty much what I was trying to put into words. Strain is the main factor, but depending on the tric's harvest time (cloudy/amber) you can vary the strains high a bit. But yeah you went into a bit more detail then I too many brownies... :D

    By the way +rep for putting it into words I couldn't.
  12. Fuck im trying to decide when to harvest and i am color blind!

    It looks like in the 50/50 mentioned the trichs are taller.. is that of any significance, because mine are tall like that.
  13. hydrosRheaven, those are just pictures, you just need to pay attention to your plants, and learn its characteristics. pay close attention to the trichs as your flowering. you'll notice the bulbs may be mostly clear towards the beginning, then clear and cloudy, then a few start turning amber.

    a ratio of about 1 amber trich to 30 cloudy/clear, this would be a good time to harvest for more of a head high. if you dont know what you want or dont care and just wanna harvest, you'll be safe when its about half and half amber/cloudy-clear. and for more of a stoney influence on the plant, harvest when the majority are amber, about 65%.

    but becareful how long you let it flower because like stated before, the thc turns into others like cbd, cbn, etc. and starts to lose its psychoactive properties as it ages.

    I pretty much repeated everything thats already been said but does that help you understand any more? being color blind you should still be able to tell when they turn cloudy and get darker.

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