Is nationalism the root of all evil?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by yurigadaisukida, Jun 21, 2013.

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    Some say its money. Some say greed. Some say religion.

    I say obedience.

    We are all people. We all want to live our lives peacefully and the way we want.

    Why do we have wars? How does an entire nation of peaceful anti war people, become convinced they need to massacre entire civilizations?

    Short video on hitlers rise to power. Basically depression-strong leader promising to fix your problems-submission.

    Many of the nazis commited attrocities because they felt they had no choice. Everyone was a nazi or an enemy.

    View attachment 1227925

    ^^^ here the experiment is repeated with the same results. 9/12 people "just followed.orders" with blind faith they killed innocents

    Here is ron paul telling america that our actions in the middle east will result in a terror attack (before 911)

    He literally sais we will be attacked by "terrorists"

    Here is osamas side of the story

    How did binladen convince people to blow themselves up? Authority.

    They were convinced their actions were justified, and revenge was nessesary.

    The cycle of violence continues.

    We are all pawns on a chessboard following the orders of a player we cant see.

    Its all a game. World peace will only be achieved when we drop the chains of authority, agree to peace, and stop following orders.

    All the evil corperations' and governments' power comes 100% from obedience. Not technology. Not moral authority.

    Obedience is the only power they truely have.
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  3. Money is the root of all evil. Virtually all crime is linked to money some how.

    But who controls the money? The gover..... Err... The Feds. So they are the root of all evil.
    Money itself is not evil at all. A medium of exchange, store of value, and measurement of value. 
    This ideology needs to die out. There is nothing wrong with money, or it's non-coercive accumulation.
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    I should have elaborated more. The way the Feds handle money. Causing inflation, a shrinking middle class, and a greedy upperclass, is what causes it to be evil. If handled properly, then it wouldn't be evil.
    Oh well I can agree with that.
  7. Who is giving the fed the money knowing full well what its going to be used for?

    Arent "good" men who turn a blind eye to evil also evil?

    Taxpayer obedience = fed gets your money

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  8. No it's not. Greed, hate, indifference, etc... those are the roots. It is possible to be nationalistic, and not be evil. If ya'll say nay, then I say it's only cuz of "tax theft."
    I don't understand the stigma associated with greed either. So long as my accumulation of wealth and tangible material goods is noncoercive, then what wrong am I committing by being "greedy"?
    Is trying to increase my material holdings right or wrong? Why would it depend on an amount, and more importantly, what amount is the tipping point?
    e.g. I profit in the following amounts from selling widgets to willing buyers:
    What makes any one of those more immoral than the others? It's the same activity performed a different number of times.
  10. Blind faith is what enables greed.

    Evil men only get away with stuff because we allow it

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  11. Disobedience is the only form of protest short of revolution that works.

    Jefferson once said that if a law is unjust, you are OBLIGED to break it.

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  12. Hence why I am going to take a fat dab right now. Three cheers for the spirt of resistance! Hip hip horay, hip hip horay hip hip horay :smoking: :smoke: :bongin: :metal: :confused_2: (sorry, this Incredible hulk got  me feeling silly)
  13. I am.actually conflicted now if i want to get my mmj card.

    It kinda goes against my core beliefs, but then again id still prefere not jail lol

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  14. No single thing is the root of all Evil, although it could be claimed that human nature is the greatest factor. Nationalism certainly is a problem, however.
  15. To me nationalism looks a lot like blind religious devotion.

    America is no longer a christian nation. But the crusades are still going.

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  16. I'd say it's a lack of thinking for one's self.
  17. Dont most people believe they are thinking for thenselves?

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    You're defining "greed" as simply making more money. When you define it as something that isn't wrong, then of course it isn't wrong.
    Granted greed certainly subjective though. I would associate a greedy person as someone who makes money at the expense of others. For example, if a employer gave him/herself a substantial pay raise and 4 more weeks of paid vaca every year while at the same time substantially cutting the salaries of all his employees and increasing their hours such that they can't afford their mortgage any more...that would be greedy in my book. It's may not necessarily illegal or coercive or violating the nap in any way if an employer did  would just be...greedy.
  19. Ues. Greed =\= money.

    Greed is when the persuit of wealth becomes a "sin" (it infringes on others rights)

    Kinda like how eating is not glutony. Glutony is getting fat while a kid next to you is starving.

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    Look at all the robberies, murders, rapes, revenge killing, respect killings, deranged guys kidnapping multiple wives and torturing them. Gangsters getting over on people and fucking people up. If states didn't exist, those fucks would have all the more reign to do what they do.
    I agree, nationalists are capable of genocide obviously. But humans always were before states existed. Come on guys.

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