Is my Whiteberry's ready to harvest?

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    Hi guys, this is my first grow wich I started on september 27th and vegged 8 weeks with 4 cfl bulb, then 7 cfl and have since upgraded to 10 cfl bulbs since week 7. My grow seems close to harvest and I've learned a lot along the run. Already getting the 2nd grow ready with many new components and a better setup...

    Now to the problem: I have 2 whiteberry that just turned into the 6th week of flowering... Fan leafs started turning yellow and dry and falling lately... My concern is that there seems to be a lot of orange pistils but not a lot of bud size at this time and I know that whiteberry usualy takes around 8 weeks. I am growing with 10 cfl bulbs that gives me 315 actual watts, not equivalent and I've read that with cfl it usualy takes about a week longer...

    The bottom buds are really small, especialy on the big plant. I think thats due to using cfl's... Next grow will be with a 600w hps...I think when I am gonna harvest the top buds, I'll cut the main stem at about half lenght and I'll leave the half bottom bottom part with the smaller buds in soil for another week to get the buds to fatten up. Should it work?

    Is my plant already ready to harvest or should I give it more weeks of flowering?

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  2. Nah man those need more time give it two weeks before you cut anything
  3. Looks good prolly 1-2 weeks for the sweet spot. Alsp you caan stick some cfl on the bottoms.branches and help them fill out more. Or you can even chop the tops and fonish the less mature bottoms.branches... just saying :).
  4. Thanks for the help. I'll wait 2 more weeks and this afternoon I'll go buy a couple of cfl cable cords.

    Any ideas on how much g's I'll get from them?

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