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Is my weed sprayed with silica? (Quartz)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Smellingliketheweedman, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. So I usually get my herb and it smells the bomb its light green off this person, the amount of so called crystals that collect all around the grinder are unreal. Sometimes when I try grinding the herb the grinder gets really stiff and won't turn, I have noticed there are a lot of very small sparkles on the smokes good sometimes Cherry's too much and won't fall off unless in a clump. I have attached pics, the water was black when I cleaned it and it was almost like clay when I cleaned it off.

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  2. you just have a shitty grinder, and you need to clean it too.

  3. Just take a guitar pick and scrape it off
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  5. I agree. Your grinder is a chummy one, and it's dirty. It's not silica in your weed, everything looks fine. He's probably slinging some really potent weed. Get a Chromium Crusher, or Santa Cruz shredder.
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  6. Did you take a picture of your piss in the toilet now why would anyone want to see this
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  7. Fucking drink some water and clean that fucking toilet lol
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  8. I've had shards of glass going in my hand from this weed that was only after a few days of useage so it is sprayed just want to know what with
  9. Its my sink u tit with the water from my grinder
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  10. That's my sink with water from my grinder absolute invaild creature
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  11. Is it normal for your grinder to make water that colour? That's the sink where I cleaned my grinder u moron
  12. My apologies my good sir lol
  13. Drunk as fuck
  14. Hahaha that's not what it should look like after being cleaned tho is it?
  15. The only thing I can think of that would warrant such thoughts about weed is if you buy your weed from prison inmates. TRUST NO ONE. Especially your weed dealer.

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  16. why would you clean your grinder in the sink. use a freezer and iso alcohol

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  17. Well by your own deduction it would be glass but if you were inhaling glass dust you would develope silicosis pretty quickly

    I bet it's trichomes, what it should be lol
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