Is my seed dead?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by MidnightToker1992, Jun 21, 2013.

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    The reason it is partially white is because when I first got it, I picked it up with tweezers to put it in the wet paper towels then put it in a clear bag but a little bit of shell peeled off from the tweezers, could this have possibly killed my seed? It now looks like a bit of the whiteness of the seed is coming off. It's not sprouted in 9 days so I put it in a cup of water and it sank to the bottom, I've gotten it out now and put it back in a paper towel. Would you say that it's dead?

    Can any people who are regulars at planting and dealing with marijuana seeds tell if this seed is dead or not from the information posted and the picture?

    The root has not sprouted at all, it's like a tiny black tip, not root tip, do I throw it or wait for it to germinate?

  2. Why did you use tweezers?
  3. I would toss it. After nine days if it hasn't germinated odds are it won't. Some will germ later than that, but most good seeds I have pop within about 72 hours Max.
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  4. I used tweezers because I read somewhere that you should but I'm not using them again. It must be a dead seed.
  5. yeah seemz dead but 2weeks os absolute cutnoff alsomwhat size pot younput it in i only soak my seeds for 5-7 hours and 3 days later shes up i tried just into pot and wait till tap shows but things went wrong :/
  6. the tweezer thing is more to do.with your hands touching the tap root you could use clean latex gloves

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