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Is my plant turning Hermaphrodite?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by darkcloud, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. Just like the title says, I am scared that my plant is turning Hermy.. I noticed these round sack like things on node sites below the nugs. I cant tell if theres are just new places nugs will appear, or if they are what I truly hope they arnt, and indeed Hermy sacks.
    If they are Hermy sacks, can I just pluck them all and hope noomore will come, and if they do just luck them? I am about 3weeks away from Harvest, and would hate to throw it all out cause of it.
    I have all 4 plants who were in there with the same symptoms. But I have 2 new plants I just started flowering last week, as long as theres no light leak or breaking the dark period will the new plants be fine? Or will just being around other plants with beginning signs of hermy somehow change them to hermy? ( i admit I did have to do something a few times during their dark period, but was only for a min, and not like I constantly kept messing with it, very few times have I messed up their period, besides that they have been perfect, as you can see from the nugs that have been growing. Are these plants that easily turned to Hermie with just a few dark period mess ups? I no theres no light leaks, cause I checked, when I am in there I cant see my hand infront of my face, especially where the plants are located.
  2. Here are some more pics just taken
  3. Doesn't look like a hermie to me.. I just pulled two hermies from my area. Look for balls.
  4. Naw dude, my last harvest had the same things. i smoked em once it was done. i think they are undeveloped nugs.
  5. YaI figured they wernt hermie. They turned out to be just swollen Calyx on the plant. Got a good harvest off it too :).
  6. nice! happy toking bro
  7. your good dude it's just your plant is so heathly that it's looking for new places for growth,i had one that did the same thing and u will be satisfide with the results so keep doing what ur doing and give them all u can..

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