Is my plant sick???

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  1. Hey guys so i noticed my plants leaves mainly the colas not the fans are starting to curl up. I assumed it was due to heat so i moved my light up another 12 inches but i have low heat bulbs ..... leds. Temp in closet stays at 85 degrees. Now im starting to think it may be more than heat. Idk new grower here are the pics. And if anything, will it still produce well or should i top all my colas and let them grow new? Or just hioe for the best..or hopefully im just freaking out. i plan on vegging for another month anyway so they would have time to recover if i did "top" them all again. 20170711_204627.jpg 20170711_204627.jpg 20170711_204631.jpg 20170711_204728.jpg But some of these as u can tell are curling so much its like a taco. Pretty worried they were doing so damn good.

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  2. the tops don't really look damaged. It just looks like some heat stress to me. If you fixed the heat issue they should pull though.

    If only a few tops are extra high, you might wanna lasso them and pull them down a little with some LST if they are still having issues.
  3. Heat stress

    Plants curl leaves in an effort to retain moisture. What are tent/area temperatures? May need to raise lighting higher

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  4. Looks like your plant is perspiring too quickly. I had this issue with some seedlings a few weeks back and fixed it by spraying the plants with 6.5ph water 2 or 3 times a day to get the humidity up to around 60%
  5. Room is steady at 85 degrees, i do not have a humidity tester though and yeah i thought about spraying the leaves throughtout the day to see if itd help. Just weird its only happening to the cola leaves
  6. The 85 degrees i stated earlier is the temp slightly about the colas

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