Is my plant revegging?

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  1. please tell me no lol

    Can’t see why they should but the growth is weird

    Bagseed shit plants before you ask lol

    784BFC60-C50B-4791-9E49-3B765310B4B7.jpeg 00826092-70CA-44AC-8000-F2DBC2338431.jpeg 7ED572E8-3E64-4004-A0A3-C8C7245048EB.jpeg 3689DF2D-2A1A-4156-92CD-2CDE2498FB7E.jpeg C22F0376-FD6C-4803-BBBE-A8D8BD71C664.jpeg EE0AAC98-228B-4751-B00A-E14CACC6BF6A.jpeg
  2. oh yes it is re-veggin ,or has revegged then flowering ,cuz you have small buds on the stemslol...mac,,
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  3. Serious? Fuck

    What happens here?
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  4. i dont really know but the buds will swell and you should get a smoke from them ,buds will be a bit airy though,,,mac,,
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  5. Ah okay so I just carry on with 12/12? I was always extra cautious of light leaks although not to the extent of covering up all the little holes
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  6. Just a thought. They were under hps until 2 weeks into veg when the bulb fucked so they are now under MH, do you recon that could of caused this?
  7. Mh would not cause it to reveg, neither will a couple of light leaks.

    Are you sure its revegging? Is it still putting on buds and growing pistils? Leaves like that indicate stress which could be caused by revegging but it also can be caused by other forms of stress too.
  8. It’s still putting on buds and they are all growing extra leaves, it only seems to be the tops of the plants, tbh these crammed bagseed in this tent let me show you.. they are kinda my shit growing abuse plants lol anyhow here’s a pic.. why I ought to punch one


    The light is to the left due to their height and to me they are kinda throw them in and let’s see what you have plants lol.. it’s odd because the 6th week of flower starts Wednesday and I’m
    Not sure what to do.. if it HAS revegged how many more weeks do you recon I’m looking at please lol

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  9. If its revegged it wouldnt still be putting on buds/pistils.

    If it's still flowering that plant has quite a bit of time left
  10. What if it is revegging? I doubt it as I look closer but I am a n00b and for that reason I have to show off like a n00b my n00bie blue dream as my current grow are sativa unknowns lol

  11. If it is revegging it will go back to vegative state and stop producing buds/pistils. I reveg plants on purpose. They do not keep putting on buds. Something has stressed that plant out
  12. Probably me being heavy handed lol... do you recon it’s because my on times aren’t EXACT ie can be a couple of mins out here n there?
  13. No a couple minutes wont matter. Timers are very cheap buddy. I would hate to have to be home at an exact time twice a day. Too much life to live to be locked down to a grow
  14. Ah I’ve got timers, but I’ve got two ultrashit (ultravivid) ballasts that take about ten turns each to strike.. first thing to be upgraded on my next grow .. well to be honest the whole entire lot is my pals who’s making life hard so I’m gonna make my money on the next grow to go solo
  15. Takes one hell of a large set up to make any significant money. Most people dream of it, 99% never achieve it.
  16. I know the feeling but even 1kg (5000) every 4 months is still nice imo
  17. Watch what you say. Were not allowed to talk dealing on gc. I live in the us so I dont quite understand . A kg every 4 months isnt much by the time I take what I need out of it to make it to the next harvest
  18. True same and sorry i didn’t realise lol
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