Is my plant in flowering stage ?

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    Hey guys,

    Due to the cold weather my plant has gone into flowering.
    It's mid winter and I'm planning on harvesting next year before winter when the plant has vegetated properly. My question is will my plant 're vegetate when winter is over and its spring? Because at the moment its too young to flower. I am bringing it in most nights and giving It some extra light.
    If any experienced growers could help I would appreciate it and its not a auto flower.

    Thanks for reading ! :love-mj2: 20170704_193311.jpg 20170704_192952.jpg
  2. Yes for it will 're vegetate ?
  3. IMO the best thing to do would be bring her indoors under 18/6 and keep her happy untill the correct time to put back outside, it may take a few weeks to start reveging but she'll be a bush when she does

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