is my plant dying or whats up with it

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    hi i've got 2 plants but 1 plant looks like its sick or dying it started going down him after i tied it up to keep it away from the light as soon as i noticed the plant was going down hill i untied her but now she doesnt look too good can i fix this or is it too late

    i just took her out to check her out and this is what ive found it doesnt look pretty i know that much so i'm now giving her more light to see if that perks her up my other plant is fine nothing wrong with that 1 been looking after them just the same

    ok so i got so worried that i took my girl out of her soil to find out whats going on with the root system, ive found that the soil was compact rock hard to pull apart i had a look anyways and the middle of the soil was dry compared to the outside of the soil so i broke it all up and replanted her

    maybe i should do something else like water or feed i dont know shouldnt of really replanted her but what else can i do i cant find help my grow is secret so im all alone dont want to give her water or feed because i'm not sure if thats the problem too much water or feed i wanna fix not make it worse

    anyways the soil is now loose the roots can breath again my light is on thats all i can do till someone tells me what i should do next

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  2. She looks thirsty... maybe a little hungry.. maybe heat stress ... /shrug

    more details plz?
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    Sometimes they look like that after transplant most of the time they recover in afew days. Did u damage the roots in any way when you where breaking up the old soil? Also that pot looks pretty small...5 gallon bucket would of been perfect.

  4. i took the photos before i up rooted her, i panicked i didnt know what was wrong so i checked the roots yes i was carefull with the roots i dont whats wrong with her shes had plenty of water and had a feed a few days ago i dont know why shes like that she was fine at the start of the week then i find her like this
  5. Just hope she gets better man...Good Luck.

  6. all my details i can possibly give you is in my grow journal in my signature if you go there you will see im on week 8 and (felicia) what i named her looks totally different to what she looks like in this thread theres something wrong with my plant i need to fix it otherwise im stuck

  7. do you not know whats gone wrong grrrr guess shes gonna die on me :cry::cry:
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    Hey man just thought of somthing if the problem started prior to transplant then she was quite possibly root bound. I would resume feeding and watering as you was when she was healthy just and just hope she spreads her legs, and if u have somthing like Roots66 it wouldn't hurt. From how you described the clay like soil points torward root bound cause the roots had feeled the pot... Are you phing your water?
  9. I would water if you failed to do so after transplant,she looks wilted and in need of a drink. Good luck.
    What light system?

  10. she could of been rootbound yeah but after i got her out the soil there wasnt LOADS!!!! of roots there is a lot but not the size of the pot i put a lil bit of soil on the bottom put my plant back in and toppped it loosly up with soil i hope now she pulls around ....... after all most weeds are hard to kill she could have a chance

  11. i gave her water about 20hrs ago she started doing this a few days ago i thought it was water she needed but apparently not its looking like rootbound or shes had too much water
  12. Yeah man thats all i can think of... I've grown tomato's before and seems like everytime you plant the new plants in the soil it takes em afew days to get they're pride back... same scenario i do believe... let us know how she is in afew man.
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    i am sorry to confuse you but that plant has been in that pot since it was a seedling ive never touched it right up to making this thread and posting the pictures i then up rooted her because it took so long for a response on here i needed to find out what was wrong i still havent got a deffinate answer to why she started doing this like 3 days ago but now am thinking shes been flooded or was rootbound

    it looks like over watered to me just seen some videos on youtube it 99.9% looks like its been over watered so how do i recover it
  14. Confused??? ok. But anyway goodluck.

  15. i say confused by that i mean it seems that you think my plants looked like this after replant, it looked like this before the replant thats exactly the reason i replanted to try and fix this issue but my plant still looks the same

    i dont mean nothing by it saying your confused i mean no harm at all i just wanna get things straight with you so that you know these photos above were taking way before i replanted if you know the correct details it should help you help me i think its over watered so its getting no more water nether is my other plant coz thats starting to do the same
  16. If you over watered, best thing to do is get a heater on the base of the plants (not over 82 though) and if you dont have holes at the bottom of the pots, drill 4 holes about an inch diameter. Then drop the humidity between 30 to 40. When you do water make sure to add kangaroots (or anything with tons of nitrogen) to oxidize the roots. It's your only hope at this point..and pray to the 420 gods!
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    It's cool man i know it started prior as i stated in post #8... Yeah man let it get pretty dy between watering, don't water till it's dry up to the second nuckle.
  18. Give it a shot of transplant vitimins. Maybe some Superthrive, or rhiztonic.

  19. hi 420 ok im here bearing good news she has picked up after the transplant she looks a lot better now shes not great but i can tell the difference

    ok so she looked horribile i replanted her in the exact same pot and for some reason its done her good...... was it overwatered i dont know but what ever i did has fixed her

    do you have any more advise like when should i water and feed that sort of thing i know i said a week but that mayby too long what do you guys think?

    heres some current pics of her now different angles so you can see the whole plant she does look slightly different to what she did last night

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  20. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't see any perelite in your soil. 30% will take care of a lot of overwatering problems. Check the soil, if it's dry, they need some water. Try a small dose at first if your not sure. Hard to overwater with good draining soil.

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