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Is my kid smoking pot? (.com)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Frotto, Apr 13, 2011.

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    However, some kids don’t have access to a smoke shop. In some cases, they may take the screen from your sink faucet(s) and use it as a substitute. If your faucet has suddenly started spraying water a little haphazardly, check and see if the screen(s) have been removed - I never thought of that, sink screens ? Pretty clever!
  2. "If you suspect your kid of smoking pot heavily and you can’t find their stash, start checking the carpet in his/her room, vehicle floor, and bottom of their trash cans. A frequent smoker will usually have at least a couple seeds or stems they missed/dropped."

    ROFL. I can just see some bugged out parent's crawling around on there hands and knees searching frantically for a seed. Too bad I smoke dank.

    I almost thought this site was a prank at first, but after researching the same dude that made that site is the same guy that made/is featured on this one: NFL Football Stadiums - Quest for 31
  3. From the link:

    Ironic, ain't it? Same guy who made the site has no problem drinking a hard substance like alcohol. Wouldn't doubt he gets drunk on it.

  4. Lol, i got a special hard drive case in the front of my PC where i stash everything. I got a small pipe, around 20 blunt wraps, tobacco and about 2 grams of some dank goodness in there. My parents have never found it and i even forget to close it when i really stoned lmao and no one still finds it. It is by far the best hiding spot i've EVER thought of.
  5. Dude lmfao this was exactly me when I was fourteen.
  6. Wow ok some of this shit is true... lol
  7. I wish i could get a quarter for the prices they post on there -_-
  8. WTF is going on here? That kid that's getting jacked looks like he doesn't even give a shit, musta been pretty baked lol.
  9. Wuutt

  10. Um, because we gangsta and we roll 5 gram joints, duh.

  11. ive had to do that a few times, you might have to cut the screen a little to fit but it will work. not something you want to do a lot of though probably
  12. i dont see anything wrong with this website.
  13. oh and the 5 gram is obviously supposed to be .5 grams.
  14. i wish my typical bags of pot had that much in them
  15. :eek: what the....

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