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Is my kid smoking pot? (.com)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Frotto, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. Hey everybody.
    I just thought I might share this site with you.

    I don't want to post the address, but the name is in the title.
    I find it amazing how wrong or stupid some of these things are :smoke:
  2. most sites like that are so funny and so wrong
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    A kid who has started smoking pot needs a place to get it from. You may notice that your child is taking more phone calls, many in private. New friends may or may not appear. Friends and acquaintances may stop by for short periods of time and leave…just enough time for a drug deal. Your child may start taking more rides with friends, giving you brief, false explanations as to where they have been. Their time away from home becomes more and more unaccounted for. Also be wary if, when returning home, your child heads straight to their rooms without stopping to speak to anyone, and stay there (hiding) for a considerable amount of time.


    Dry mouth is also common after smoking pot. Although it’s a small sign, a person who has just smoked almost always has a beverage nearby

    If you used a vape, these people would never know.
  4. "5 grams (1 joint) aka a “five” or a “nik” = $5
    1 gram (2 joints) aka a “dime” or “ten” = $10
    1.5 grams (3 joints) aka a “fifteen” = $15"

    why is 5 grams only 1 joint?

  5. i just love the fact that they dont realize there are so many types of weed, and $$$$ changes considerably by the type you get lol
    i wish i got $10 grams.
  6. well it really depends on location.

    In canada local dank goes for 10 a gram

  7. oh you caught me. i make a slip up.
  8. i think this might be my new favorite site. i needed a good laugh, thank you! haha
  9. But think of the children; if they don't have weed, what'll they do after they have sex?
  10. Haha these are such stupid assumptions :D

    Thanks for making this hard day a little funnier
  11. 5 \t\t\t\t\t\t\tgrams (1 joint) aka a “five” or a “nik” = $5?
    whoah those are some pretty big joints, 5gs in one J?

  12. hahaha
  13. Wait since when is marijuana called 'Bob' XD
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    The red eyes, also know to pot smokers as "chinese eyed"

    High Times: It’s a magazine. It’s like porno for potheads.


  15. haha even better xD, the NIDA website SURE nailed that one :D
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  17. Actually, marijuana kills many cells that cause cancer, and that's not fair to say that MANY of us smoke cigs and do other drugs. Ass holes
  18. $10 grams of medicinal in michigan.:hello:
  19. [​IMG]
    is listed as "Eye Drops"

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