Is my growing conditions right?

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  1. I have 2 seedlings about 2 weeks old and im running 4, 23 watt 5000k cfls on them, is this good enough to get these plants up and going?


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  2. From everything I've read, the 5000k lights really aren't very effective. They don't really produce enough light in the spectrum that the plant needs to thrive. It seems like 5500k can be ok, but you really wanna shoot for either 2700k or the 6500k.

    The power of the lights should be good for now, but the general rule is about 100w per plant plus about 50w for each additional plant.
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    All looks okay, but the reality is that you are right at the bottom end of the minimum requirements.  You could just about do a whole grow, 2 plants, with 6x 23watt bulbs in a closet (my experience, I wouldn't go less).
    Might help if the light was coming from above though.
    Good luck!
  4. I respectfully disagree. I use 5000k CFLs and my two plants are doing phenomenally. theyve already caught up to their older outdoor cousins and will surpass them in leaf nodes in a day or two at this rate. i do use 8 of them though so that may be why. and i also plan on having 16 on them during flower, already bought a huge box of 2700k 23w CFLs at home depot. 

    soo..... basically if you use more of them you will be fine. just make sure you deal with the added heat!
  5. What is the wattage on the 8 5000k lights you are using?

    I'm sure if you use enough of them you can make it work. But for money, heat, and power used it doesn't seem as practical.
  6. they are 23w actuals. so 8x23= 184W.  which means 368w in flower which is more than enough for decent yield. more light=more yield. as long as you can keep the heat down. plus i only plan to veg til theyre about 6-8 inches tall. then the 2700s are optimal. i did my research and i tested shit out with some bagseed plants a month earlier. Im happy with my setup and i believe it will make great bud. Im also intending on using every growth technique i can on them without putting too much internal stress on them. LST techniques mostly, i only plant to top once and have the two new mains LST in a double helix type thing. and i plan on doing a little supercropping as an experiment, though i expect to lose a limb from my inexperience with pinching. I have everything i need and if something goes wrong i have all the wonderful people on GC to help me out. 

    so im good. and he should be too.
  7. The exact spectrum emitted by different brands of light will vary, but generally speaking the range of colours emitted by 5000k bulbs includes less of the ones used by plants than the 2700k or 6500k bulbs.  It's not that they are bad, they are just a few percent less good per watt for growing.  Obviously if you have a million bulbs all emitting some useful light, you've still got lots of useful light, plenty for growing, but less than if you had a million similar but different bulbs.
    The important distinction is between "wrong" and "less good" and "no good".  A brand new 5000k cfl bulb is slightly less good than a brand new 2700k cfl bulb for growing, however a brand new 5000k bulb might be slightly better than a 2700k bulb that has already been used for 1500 hours.
    When you add more bulbs, if you have the choice do not choose the 5000k ones again, choose the 2700k "warm white" or the 6500k "cool white" ones instead.
    The man is right, more light = more bud.
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    Ya if your going to use CFLs at least use the spectrum that gives the most benifits, 6500k for veg...2700k for flower. Anything will work but CFLs have enough drawbacks why add to it, why not maximize your time and effort.
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    Not sure where you got that info from but they work fine. My whole veg room is 5000k and they're doing great
  10. Basically every article, forum post and video I've read has said the same thing. 6500k and 2700k. I've seen a few posts that show the spectrum break down of the light and shows where the plants like them to be.

    Like was posted earlier 5000k is not wrong, nor is it bad. You can grow plants with it and grow some great bud. However, it's not as efficient and isn't AS good for the plant as the 6500k and 2700k. Cfls have a few issues with them already, no need to compound those by buying lights that aren't as the ones sitting right next to them on the shelves
  11. You're just going off what other growers have written, actually grow some then offer your opinion maybe.
  12. Isn't "going off what other growers have written" the entire purpose behind forums? There have been tons of people using all kinds of lights and types and setups. They've all shared their knowledge and I for one would rather use their information then making the same mistakes while I come to the same conclusion.
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    the ONLY reason i bought 5000s over 6500s is because my home depot does not have 6500ks cfls in any wattage higher than 13w and i'd have needed like twice as many. i have a fuck ton of 2700s of varying sizes for when i switch to flower in two weeks, until then these 5000s are not only sufficient but are actually good. 
    Hell the only reason i went with CFLs is that when i started this i was not serious, and not looking to spend a ton of money, or even alot of money. 

    but now that im hooked i decided to stay with what i was using.
  14. Sounds like you'll have all kinds of fun growing and getting hooked :D

    Everyone's setup will be different and work for them.
  15. Or not work for them, and then they come back here for answers! lol

    And im loving growing this way. When i grow outdoors, god is still god and i can only control so much, but in this contained enviroment that i created I control every variable, I AM GOD!!!!!!!! :metal:  :metal: 

    just kidding, im not crazy. lol     :hippie:
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    Jesus the worst part about CFLs is trying to find the ones you want, with the correct fitting for your sockets, the wattage you want, sometimes the shape of them matters to your setup for some reason, and then after all that getting them in the right colour.... We don't have those straight-to-socket adapters available in the UK but I dream of them, would have made my life so much easier than all the splitters and converters I had to get.
    Uh, well fair enough if it's all you could get what can you do.
    Actually when it comes to flowering time, it's worth keeping some of your 5000s as well as the 2700s.  The more red spectrum does increase bud growth, but the more blue spectrum has an impact on plant health and possibly potency so since you have both anyway, may as well use them both (if that wasn't your plan already).
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    Im thinking of omitting the box entirely and just going with the shelf the box is on. I want super overkill with CFL bulbs, but my box is limited on space. the conditions in the room the box is in, is the same as the box minus the heat from the lights, as it would be in the open. if i do that then i can put as many lights as i want or can. im adding new lights every week i get paid, so the sky is the limit baby! i want to see 1000w in CFL going on there! lol

    If i bought stuff from the netz instead of home depot my options would obviously increase, but one purpose of this grow was to do it with ONLY home depot hardware. Everything is from HD, cept my nutes and soil which come from Sea Of Green Hydroponics.

    Go crazy without hurting the plants is my intention.
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    Just in case you are serious enough to do this, bear in mind that 1000w of cfls will use the same electricity as 1000w hps, be about as hot, take up loads of space and sockets and produce considerably less light for the same electricity.  Plus the fact that every couple of thousand hours you would have to buy 50 new CFLs at a cost of $100? when a new 1000w hps bulb would only cost $40 max.  In fact for buying two sets of bulbs to run a 1000w cfl grow using home depot bulbs, you could buy a whole 600w tent kit with filter and a spare bulb and do at least as well if not better!
    But I do admire your spirit  :smoke:
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    Im really high and i get excitable. lol

    I would go with HPS/MH but the whole intial setup is more money than i ever have at one time to spend on random shit like this. with the like 20 bucks a week extra i have to use for this i can buy a splitter and some bulbs. ya know one thing a week. this week i bought nutes and azamax. 

    My next grow will be HPS/MH as i can save for it later or have someone get me ballasts and lights for XMAS, but right now im not changing anything save for adding more lights. When i start flower in a couple weeks i can tone the number of lights down as i found today my HD has those gigantic 2700k CFLs that are 150w actuals. i can jump down to 6 bulbs vs the 16 i had planned now! 

    OH and i have patience issues, so dont tell me to wait and save for shit. i know this already man! lol If i dont spend the money that day on little improvements for the plants, it WILL get spent on nonessential crap throughout the week. lol

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