Is my grow space too small for my two babes?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by famousjs09, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. What's going on guys, been vegging for 2 months and switched to 12/12 last week. I'm growing in a 3ft wide 2ft long 3ft tall tent. I've been doing LST since the beginning of vegging and as you can see along with topping both plants. However I know my plants will double in size by the end of flowering but I just wanted to know if I did enough LST to them could I potentially get greater yields rather than switching to bigger grow spot and losing the total lumens I have going for these babes right now?
    Whatcha guys think?


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  2. I personally would try a shorter wider 5 gallon pot if you plan on keeping them in that room. you are limited on space. The height of the plants and all those lights are presenting a fire hazard in my opinion, if those plants contact the lights for long periods of time... a house a couple towns over just had this happen...
  3. I completely agree. Only thing is if I go wider with 5gallon pots then I can't fit both plants in the same spot. I check on plants everyday to make sure none of the leafs are close to touching the lights. I'll either tie down for more LST at the end of the day. If I do so, could this mean larger yields? Or would I get the same regardless of how tight they are in the space. Basically if I use same lights in bigger grow box, will I get same Yield as I would if I kept in smaller tent.

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  4. Honestly I can't give a honest answer.. But figuring the Same lights in a taller tent with more lst.. I would say probably more due to more penetration and the plants being opened up. You could defoliate your plants to maximize your lumen output

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  5. Plants tend to double in size when switched to 12/12. you might be better off with 3 gallon pots with a shorter veg time on your next grow

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