Is my girl now a hermie?

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  1. So I just noticed today that there are what looks to be sacks at the base of the stems of my 60 day old Easy Rider autoflower (Feminized). Looks like there is one sack for each stem that comes out of the main stem.

    Each of these "sacks" have two pistols coming out of them though and are coated in trichs. It's scaring the shit out of me because I'm worried they are pollen sacks.
    Granted this was grown from a feminized seed and I checked it weeks ago and determined it was a female from the pistols that showed.

    Are these sacks just part of the flowering process maybe? It is an autoflower strain so perhaps that would cause it?

    Wish I could include pics but I can't seem to get a photo of the base of the main stem. I did include a cola pic that is about 5 days old though.

    Lil help please?
    Thanks all!
  2. those are the female flowers you're talking about. the long hairs are proof of that.
  3. thank you!
  4. Beautiful female =)
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    It's common for feminized seed to pop a few male bananas. A lot of it depends on the method the breeder uses to create the fem seed with. I have seen exactly what you described happen on auto fems before. It appears at face value to be a male preflower, then it pops a few pistils out, am I right? Watch them and see if they begin to spread. If they do just snip them out. Sometimes you'll see a few on a feminized plant that will be atypical(kinda looks like a calyx, kinda like a developing pollen sack) If they do open they usually won't seed your whole grow, and sometimes the pollen is sterile.

    Edit: Basically developing feminized seed involves "tricking" a female into thinking she's dying so she spits out male flowers to try and save the gene pool. This can be done with chemicals and/or light deprivation- I'm sure there are more ways by now. That way the resulting seeds only have a YY chromosome. The problem with that is any given number of factors at any stage of flowering can cause them to produce pollen sacks. It's all a numbers game.Good luck, and by the looks of her, if she does develop any bananas it would only be a few.
  6. Great info. Thank you!
  7. those are just seed pods(part of the bud).. they would have seeds in them if it was pollinated. pollen sacks look like actual sacks hanging off the plant.. from ur pic it looks like full blown bitch :p(not a hermie) here is a simple picture of pollen sacks to make sure you dont have these..


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