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Is my friend exaggerating his high ???

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TheRealCesarG, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. ** Sorry for such long text tried to keep it as short as possible while telling the full story , and yes I am over 18 **

    So I used to live with my cousin and I used to get high and my cousin did as well but not as much as me. He never smoked much cuz he always said "he didn't feel anything" unless he smoked a lot like a blunt or something. Whenever we got high tho we were noobs it was our first time so we acted retarded every time acted like I was disabled or something making faces and noises and saying wierd things and I always forgot my last sentence.

    So long story short I don't live with my cousin no more but we play Xbox a bit and we planned on getting real stoned and hop on GTA and so we did that but it seemed like he over exaggerated. I personally don't act retarded no more, I'm usually quiet and relaxed and slow when I'm stoned now so I just talk and move slowly but I'm completely faded. He on the other hand still acts stupid and talks ALOT. I can't have a single conversation with him because he starts saying the weirdest stuff like "I'm on planet 26 and it's a world of dicks" literally every sentence is weird shit that doesn't make any sense. Oh AND THE MOST ANNOYING, he fucking says " wait bro what was I talking about I forgot" AFTER EVERY SINGLE SENTENCE. He literally says "oh I forgot what I was gonna say , what were we talking about ?" After every sentence that even comes out of his mouth. Followed by him saying some more weird shit like "cock cock cock and dicks up my ass big beautiful tits." Everything is fine and awesome when I'm stoned playing with him while he's sober its like an adventure. but when he's high he annoys me so much. We didnt even end up playing GTA cuz of how annoying he was and how busy he was "eating" I

    What could be wrong with him is he just exaggerating or does he genuinely believe he's that high ??
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  2. He may have Tourette's.
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  3. Haha, doubt it just really immature and stupid when hes high. Wish he wasn't so annoying when stoned I actually enjoy spending time with him but not when he's high
  4. I wouldn't hang around with him personally.
  5. My friend started seeing Illuminati triangles and saying "whoaaaah" very high pitched and loud.

    I was like: Fuck man yeah this shit is strong but... Hallucinations? Wtf

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  6. If your cousin is above the age of 14 and acts like this (even if he is super high) it's time to not hang out with him.
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  7. Your cousin sounds like he licks the windows when He's in a car :laughing:, just tell him to stop acting like a retard
  8. Some fall in love with mary jane. Most just give her props each visit.
  9. I really think he's annoying and it pisses me off sometimes but that's my nigga dog you know ? I love him he's family we spend good times but it's just him high is just awful
  10. Your cousin sounds obnoxious and yes he's just pretending. For him it's a big deal to get high, and he's forming this stoned personality off of the retards he's seen in movies and stories. He probably feels that he has to be that way to seem high and entertain himself and others.

    It's like when I gave a piece of paper to this kid and told him it was acid, he started acting retarded and wanted to talk about life and space, and how the carpet felt so good. He was saying ridiculous shit and laughing at nothing, so I told him it was literally just paper and he got real embarrassed and shut up. Dumbasses man.

    Some people just want to attempt to 'try on' a personality when under the effect of drugs, and they base it off of popular entertainment or whatever they've heard about how people act. These are generally people who don't know who they really are and are still searching. Your cousin sounds like that.

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  11. Wow. Genius response lol that explains so much. I was almost like him... When I first started smoking weed I acted dumb but after a while I started seeing people living their life with Cannabis and acting completely fine and natural so I decided to learn to control myself and not over exaggerate.

    I never thought of that. Movies portray us like that, therefore when new comer tries cannabis the individual will expect to act like that so he then acts like that, that's crazy man. Genius lol

    Thanks for that , really explains quite a bit
  12. Yeah I was kinda like that at first when I started smoking. Hopefully he'll eventually learn to act more chill when he's stoned. Otherwise I would call him out on it.
  13. I don't know for sure but this is my guess, as it took me multiple times to get high he simply might have never been stoned until recently. We all know those first few times, come on guys...we weren't acting retarded we fucking WAS retarded, literally ANYTHING would make me bust out laughing till tears were in my eyes and my stomach hurt. I wasn't acting like a stoner stereotype, it just hit me like a damn train.
  14. I'm not sure about the dicks part but everyone's aim in life should be to get high like that daily homie...But your friend may be a fan of penises...Maybe thats where your annoyance finds its origin. Get him high and send thought suggestions to his pineal gland or wherever else...See how susceptible he is while high...Some people are VERY OPEN to others messing with their thoughts while high on MANY substances/plants/compounds...
    You can practice sending mental suggestions to crackheads in your neighborhood...They are typically wide open mentally...
    So yeah he could be that high nigga

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  15. He could be exaggerating but personally, I think he just acts dumb. Because I've been smoking for months and if I smoke a lot, I will still get that high. I might not act quite as dumb, but I will still act dumb. Especially if I am with friends. The part where he cant remember what he says seems a bit false but maybe not. It all depends on the person. Maybe he is just REALLY high

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