Is my cannabis seedling stunted?

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  1. My seedling is about 5-6 days old. The fan leaves o can see but they aren't getting bigger is my plant stunted?

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    It does look like it bro... The soil looks a bit too wet so maybe it's not allowing enough oxygen to the roots... Seedlings don't need to be watered much

    Also, its in a pretty big pot for a seedling.
    From what I've read online, it's better to start off your seedling in a smaller pot or even seedling tray, and then transplant them into larger containers as they grow.

    This allows the roots to ocupy a larger percentage of the volume of the smaller container, so that when you transplant, it already has the root mass to start healthily developing the new roots again and spread out into the larger container.

    My blue dream was germinated using the paper towel method and I stuck her in the soil when the tap root was about half an inch..

    I lightly watered the soil to bind it properly with the seedling in, and once she popped out, I watered around the seedling, so the roots could search for the water towards the edges of the pot.

    This is my seedling at a week old... I hope some of the info helps you. [​IMG][​IMG]

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  3. so it can spend basically 2 days to 3 days coming up through the soil and shedding its cap... so thats been above soil for 2 to 3 days or it been above soil 5/6 days?
  4. Yeah that's definitely not growing properly. The soil is too wet for too long. You're better off starting in small pots so the soil dries out much faster. Is that your light in the background? If so, you'll need a proper light for proper growth, that's not going to cut it
  5. Is it too late to transplant ir?
  6. She popped out of the soil on the 5th of August at 10pm and has been under 18/6 lighting since.

    You can check out how she progressed here
    Blue Dream Indoor Grow

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  7. Transplanting into a smaller pot now, you may damage some roots that have developed and shock the seedling too much.

    I'd suggest to keep it in that pot and don't water it again until the top layer of soil (about an inch) is dry to the touch.

    I do agree that you will need better lights though

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  8. Thanks forthe advice growing this stuff is harder than I thought it was gonna be
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  9. It gets easier... I found out a lot of crucial info only after my first grow

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  10. I found a picture that best describes the benefit of forming a root ball in a smaller container first. Here it is [​IMG]

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  11. Did your seedling recover?

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  12. No it never did I had to get rid of it and plant a new one using ur method instead it's growing pretty nicely
  13. Ah man, sorry bro... But I'm glad to hear your new grow is working out well. All the best

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