is my bulb burned out???

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Earljones, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. My light was working perfectly fine yesterday...i turned it off for a few hours and now it wont turn back on....i checked all the wiring inside my ballast..all looks good...and when i turn it on i can hear the faint buzzing sound that i always hear from the ballast...but when it turn it on...nothing..not even a are some pictures...please help....i just germinated my white rhino and big bang seeds and need some light!!!!




  2. always have a backup bulb braaa
    that one looks intact but if its not coming on
    then looks like its game over:smoke::wave:
  3. This is pretty much all that can be said. If you can't pick up a HID bulb today, you can set your germed seeds under one CFL for a while if you have that. That will last you a couple of days until you can find a replacement.

    However, this time I would suggest you buy two bulbs (if you can afford) just for times like these!
  4. yeah..i put them under my 150w cfl for the moment..hopefully i can get a few new bulbs soon...ima try to get to if i can but hard times on the streets lol
  5. They sell 400W HPS and MH at Lowes for $20. Probably HD too...
  6. ok so i kinda feel like a dumbass...i went to lowes today after work..picked up a mh home..put it in..turned it on...didnt turn on right away...took about 2 mins..but now its bright as a mother F*$& maybe my other bulb wasnt burned out after all..i didnt let it sit to see if it would turn on(first time its started doing this)...but ima use my new bulb for the time being and if it goes out..i guess i have a backup bulb
  7. Sometimes HID lights are touchy. I accidently bumped one of mine too hard the other day and it turned off for 20 mins. I thought I broke it or something, and was about to put my veg lights in just to have some light until I could replace my bulb, and then it just turned back on.

    Sometimes if the lamp goes out for whatever reason you just have to unplug it, plug it back in, and give it a few mins.

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