Is my bud still ok???

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    Just got ahold of some REALLY dank bud about a week ago & have been smoking it every since. I had to hide it in my car trunk yesterday & was wondering if any1 knows anything about if it's still good or not. I have a piece of bread in the jar with it & was hoping that would moisten it up some. This is my share of it (bought a 1/2oz w/ my friend). I've heard leaving it somewhere with really dry, hot temperatures makes it lose its THC & just wanna make sure I didn't ruin this shit!
  2. Take the bread out lol
  3. Take the bread out and smoke it. Why ask when you can try yourself?:confused_2:
  4. I wouldn't put bread with your time use a piece of orange peel if you're trying to add some moisture.

    But, when it comes to storing bud, I've always felt dry is better than wet, as to avoid molding.

    It should be perfectly fine to smoke, just make sure to get any bread crumbs out of your buds. :smoke:
  5. take the bread out, the heat wont bother it, my buddy keeps an onion in his truck and its been over 100 degrees. Bud is still dank. but yea like the others take the bread out.
  6. i see why you picked bread it will keep cookies and shit from going stale in a container a lot longer. i just don't know how well that works with weed.
  7. Smoke the bud, and hope it isn't bad!
  8. I think THC vaporizes around 390 degrees Fahrenheit (200 C). I don't think the inside of truck gets that hot :)

    Smoke on :smoke::smoke:
  9. Remoisturizing your weed will do nothing but bad, once its dry, keep it dry
  10. What if I only keep the bread in 4 24 hours or so? Ive heard 1 day of it & your bud should be good to go
  11. [quote name='"BIGjc"']What if I only keep the bread in 4 24 hours or so? Ive heard 1 day of it & your bud should be good to go[/quote]

    Are you trying to keep your bud smokeable or your bread edible? Just take the bread out it WILL. Be OK.

  12. Hahaha yeah really:smoke:
  13. Yo the spores from the mold that probably grew on your bread during that time are on your weed. I wouldnt smoke it
  14. FWIW I didnt have the bread in it b4, I put it in as soon as i got home today about an hoir or 2 ago...I was going 2 take the bread out l8er tonite anyways
  15. Pack a bowl with some of that bread. Then make a sandwich with your bud
  16. fucking bread man hahaa
  17. When you put a piece of bread its not supposed to be half a slice, only a small piece.

    Even then 1 week in a glass jar isn't anything, I've stored bud in cool/dark places for 3 months in mason jars, no change at all

    Of course no bread either, haha
  18. It worked on my friends last 1/8th had somehow dried out ALOT...even if its placibo effect doing it 4 a couple of hours doesnt hurt any1?!
  19. If you want to moisten your weed get a tuppaware container or any bowl with a lid on it and place your bud in the middle of the bowl. Then wet 4 to 6 Q-Tips and stick them in the sides of the bowl, put the lid back on and let it sit for a few hours.

    The wet Q-Tips will cause the inside of the bowl to become humid and the dry marijuana will sock up the moisture. I do this regularly with cigars and whenever my weed is too dry, Works like a charm.

  20. OP how old are you. Just curious.

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