Is my ballast fucked? NO LIGHTS

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by xmayhemx, May 13, 2010.

  1. So last night I noticed the smell of something burning, it wasn't bad, but it was coming from my grow room...

    The lights had gone out about a hour before I noticed, so when I got in there I assumed It couldn't be the ballast!!

    After turning all my fans off I noticed that my ballast was buzzing and that where the smoke was coming from! its a 1000 watt ballast is in one of those galvanized metal cases....

    wtf? so I guess the timer fucked up because the ballast was still getting power, but the light wasnt on.

    I unplugged everything, and when I went to manually plug everything in this morning the fucking thing doesnt work. Its hums, not nearly at loud as before though....

    Anyone know what I can do???? Its lights out until I figure this shit out.

    I have 4 plants 20 days into 12/12 and 4 that are only a week.

  2. sounds like it to me ..
    but who am i ?
  3. Well first off get some temporary lighting, and do you have a warranty for your ballast?

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