Is my 18 year old life ruined?

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  1. Hey guys.. so here are my two police stories.

    First story...

    I was driving down our local road going 45 in a 40 and i get pulled over for what i assume was a bad tag-light. They arrest me for possession due to my car smelling like a ganja paradise. I was caught with 4 grams. They tried to get me to rat and i was like nuh-uh :cool: and hired a mafia lawyer.

    Then, a week later which is now yesterday.

    I was driving down a highway stretch got popped for 77 in a 60, dumb as shit i know, and he smelt weed, i told him he couldnt search the car. Then he impounded my shit.. and the law won. He found paraphernalia and weed like a quarter gram. And a "Half-Burned" joint. I told the cop it was my brothers weed and he has a medical license which i showed him. He told me it doesn't matter they impounded my car and it was in it.

    I turned 18 a couple month ago. I now have 3 criminal charges pending against me.

    How deep am i and what can i expect for jail time?
  2. dude...shitty job dealin with the cops, wooow

    yea, id pretty much call it man. you sound pretty fucked
  3. Lol no, you won't see jail and the charges you can get expunged.

    Edit: but year your 18 year old life is over, should end it.

  4. Im in washington state, theres a MMS, minimum mandatory sentence for each misdemeanor.

    Im also going to california for college in 10 days...

    So if theres a MMS can i still get a jail-free sentence?
  5. Just goto drug court! Tell them you have a problem and bam
  6. prolly,

    that's why they give speeding tickets. to teach kids like you a lesson to not speed again. And that's what marijuana charges are intended for. You decided to posess marijuana in your car while speeding AGAIN

    you're pretty fucked, but maybe you'll learn a lesson now

    prolly not
  7. i cant! im going to college in california in 10 days! I cant miss school for more than 30 days. I have to fly back to Washington for my court date..s
  8. nope i wont
  9. if you are good enough at life you can do your time come out and work your ass of and you will be good
  10. Spider man's gonna kick the shit outta you :cool:
  11. Im in an innercity area homie spider man's not too far out
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    You're kinda fucked.

    The second charge is a slam dunk. You where speeding. Fast enough to impound your vehicle too. In fact cops can impound your car for a busted windshield. The dope he found stands in court (despite you refusing a search) because cops have this protocol called cataloging. When impounding your car they have the right to tear it apart and anything they find is considered legal in court.

    Your only hope to get out of these is your "mafia" lawyer can keep extending the court date in the hopes he can get the case thrown out. For both charges.

    I have to ask, what possessed you to speed after just being caught when you had weed in your car? I can see why you are screwed when it comes to going to school because you obviously have the IQ of a tuna sandwich.

    The cops have computers in their cars. They look up every bodies information when they pull them over. I can see the thought process

    Cop: *Hmm. This kid has recently been caught speeding and with pot. I wonder if he has it again*

    Then he smells dope in your car. Best advice is to stop speeding when you have illegal stuff in your car, make sure your "Mafia" lawyer knows what he is doing and pray you aren't fucked by the legal system (which I am pretty sure is going to happen).
  13. My paralyzed grandfather had fallen in his appt and my mom needed my help to lift him up..
    Moreover, i havent gone to court for my other possession charge so they would not have seen it.
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    "nope i wont"

    according to your reaction & lack of response,It seems your 18 year old life is as strong as ever & will be for some time in the future also.

    possibly & unfortunately, for all of us,....I believe your 18 year old life can & may get worse.
  15. They will still see this.

    Regardless. You decided to speed to your grandfathers house with weed in your car after just getting charged with possession? If you had taken the weed out of your car, dropped it somewhere, anything you probably would have gotten off with a warning. But you instead decided to break the law while breaking the law. Not exactly the smartest thing.

    Rushing to your grandfathers aid is commendable. But you probably caused more problems for yourself and others by speeding. At the least you are looking at fines and legal fees with the potential of jail time and fucking up your school year.
  16. As in what?

    I realize im probably going to be found guilty. But i dont mind doing 1-3 day in jail.. 30 is another story..
  17. You're fucked. 30 days on jail for a misdemeanor is some serious shit, hard time *****. Statistically 113% of people who go to jail get anally raped. You will be lucky if you make it out alive. Even if you do, you won't be able to find a job with a misdemeanor and will have to resort to selling hobos your ass for pocket change :rolleyes:
  18. ^^ idiot your wrong. It's 148% chance of getting anally raped.

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