Is Modern Christianity Actually Hurting the Homeless?

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  1. First of all,
    This message is very important!
    I have very little background in religion and Christianity, and poor education, so please try not to be overly satirical!  This may also apply to other religion, but please keep reading.. this is really important!  What I do have is a very unique and gifted way of thinking.  I see a big problem with the relationship between chronic homelessness (very critical of the word chronic, as in long-term homeless!), Christianity, and society, particularly in the way the churches are addressing dealing with poverty and explaining religion.  It is what I have coined in my thoughts as "passive Christianity".  "I don't have the money for food or clothing or to pay for my phone, but I will pray for it and have faith, and hopefully this weekend the Church will have all the things I need to get by", or, "my pastor is so great, he's helped me with a car and "
    Don't get me wrong, it is great to provide a charity service for people in need.  But what I am seeing is lots of people collecting SSI, food stamps, unemployment insurance, student loans, and lottery tickets, while not expecting to go out and procure a healthy, functioning relationship with society.  It reminds me of the birds you see in parking lots, feeding off of others, rather than getting things from nature like nature intended for them to.  The majority of our money, from my understanding, is going to the top 10% of the wealthiest families in America (not to mention other countries), like super discount general stores such as Walmart, and the Federal Reserve continues to disperse more currency into our monetary system, decreasing our spending power.  The result is innumerable inflation, taxes (back to the government), and spending power offset to that 10%.
    So, the problem that I'm seeing is that we are "helping" the homeless, like feeding the animals in nature and disrupting the natural cycle.  When we are running low on oxygen, does it not become our first priority?  If we are to help the homeless, we need to teach them to quit bumming off public resources and unite with one another to get through this mess!  Jesus didn't collect food stamps; he didn't even watch TV.  According to the great story, he worked his butt off and lead others by example, to such extreme that others began to follow his footsteps!  And this is not what most churches are teaching.  It seems to me that many institutions are teaching people that when things are not going the way that they should, simply pray for the right thing to happen and things will eventually work out.  Does this sound familiar to anybody?  If you think about it, talking to others about having faith and getting free stuff is exactly the opposite of what Jesus did.
    And when it comes to explaining the situations to these passive Christians, often they have a heavily misconstrued understanding.  For example, having the right to bear arms.  This amendment was written to protect us from large bodies of power (look at what the government is doing).  It seems like a lot of passive Christians are against the 2nd amendment because killing people is ungodly.  The other misconception is that you can help others by "leading the horse to the water".  You can lead the horse to the water, but if the horse is hydrated, you aren't going to be able to get him to drink it.  Take away his water supply for a couple days and that horse is going to look for water on his own.  Consequently, the birds would leave the parking lots and go back to eating worms if there were no food deposits!
    It seems like the majority of people who suffer from chronic homelessness fall into one of two major categories.  One category is due to alcoholism and drug addiction, which is a different discussion.  The other is the category of those who do not know the right action to take, and continue to be dependent upon public service.  Look at the statistics of prisoners; isn't it true that many prisoners who spend long periods of time locked up end up going back to prison?  Is it not the same for homelessness?
    If we taught homeless people how to help others and start a network of real friendship and togetherness, wouldn't that reduce the number of school/bus/public shootings and even reduce the amount of crime from the rest of the general population?  Wouldn't homeless people motivate each other to work together to get out of their situation?  As far as I know, most of the shootings happen by people who didn't have a lot of friends.  You get on the bus, and sometimes you get lucky if somebody will talk to you or even smile/make eye contact.  We are growing divided (for reasons also outside of the scope) but we need to start making the change!
    A call to action, but let me quickly explain two incidents that perturbed me today.
    One, a homeless guy with a cardboard sign asking for help.  I wanted to help him by telling him to have a good, helping attitude (I get this--I have been homeless many many many times before) and maybe put the words "FREE VOLUNTEER!!!" on his sign instead.  He was so emotionally distraught and felt so alone that he prejudged me as a rich man who was prejudging him and didn't care.  He didn't want to listen to anything I had to say.  Knowing I made a mistake with my approach (unaware of how sensitive he has been), I tried to ask a woman to go up to him and give him a bug hug and tell him that he's not alone.  I failed.  And the one thing the guy told me is that he's been out there with that sign for two years.  The one thing he doesn't realize is that the dollars given to him aren't going to help him, it's people who reach out and change the way he thinks and feels that will make a real difference!
    The other incident involved another passive Christian (also homeless).  I won't elaborate on this too much because I already basically summed it up in this message.  He is a passive, homeless Christian living off of public resources.  He talked down upon some MLM businesses that balance out the flow of money (independent business ownership) among regular people in society (instead of giving to big corporate giants).  By the way, from my understanding, multi-level marketing companies are one of the greatest building blocks of freedom.  That means, working towards a continuous income that later requires little or no time to maintain.  This is what I think our homeless need. Jesus built up a wealth of friendship, giving him a wealth of power. When we are powerless, it's hard to make friends. We need to make money, and we need to make friends.  The money is important because there are power-hungry evil entities seeking power.
    Good always prevails, but only rises to power when evil tries to dominate!  And rise in evil power leads to waves of bloodshed.  It is embedded in our history!
    So, why are so many people keeping to themselves?  Why do many homeless people feel powerless and all alone?  Why do so many people (including Christians) feel it's okay to get free stuff all the time, and let our government keep secrets from us?  Don't we all know that our educational system and religious system are washed out and not what our founding fathers intended?
    Or am I just crazy?  We need to start "loving thy neighbor".
    (I may edit/update this article, please bear with me ok!)

  2. Christianity is hurting everything, including little boys' butt-holes. 
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    I didn't have to read very far to see the republican influence in your line of thought. Do some reading and educate yourself.And stop watching fox news.Mj
  4. Hello marvajuana,
    I don't watch the news. I'm here to learn, and I am reading books. Could you try educating me? I really don't try to get into politics but I see a huge problem! What books? What is your point of view? Did you not read through my post?
  5. substance abuse and poor parenting are hurting them more. lol
     but yes, IMO, christianity is abusive towards the developing adolescent psyche.
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    I wasn't talking metaphorically, I was talking about Catholic priests being a bunch of molesting freaks.   Every day, tiny but-holes are violated in the name of the Lord.
  7. Uh... wasn't Jesus homeless?  I'm sure if the homeless could create food out of nothing they wouldn't accept government assistance, so it's kind of an unfair comparison.  Jesus would probably praise us for not letting them starve.  Also, Jesus would probably not like the 2nd amendment.  Nothing about firearms promotes loving your neighbor.

    Did it strike you that in addition to some drug addicts who fell into homelessness because they were addicts, some alcoholics might have become alcoholics after losing everything they had and becoming depressed?  I know people who work two and three jobs and are barely making their rent, surviving on prepay services and minimal amounts of poorly nutritious foods.  People aren't becoming homeless because they're lazy, a lot of them are homeless because they can't work hard enough and society hasn't opened up enough avenues to opportunity.  It ain't the same country it used to be, in large part to thinking like that you've repeated to us here.

    We should teach everyone how to help each other, but before we ask the homeless to help we should lift them up and help them.  What you're asking is like saying the starving should help feed other people.  It doesn't work if we don't feed them first.

    I can see why the homeless would prejudge you.  I don't believe for a second you were homeless after reading a lot of this.  If you had been homeless, you'd probably know the shame they feel when they have to stand on a corner and ask people to help them.  Perhaps if there were less judgemental people in the world, people would be more apt to network rather than keeping to themselves.  

    A previous poster said you need to put down the fox news koolaid.  It seems pretty clear that either you do need to stop watching cable news, or you need to stop listening to people who do.  If you're really interested in Sociology, I recommend taking some courses at your local community college and doing some volunteer work yourself.  If you've already done these things, it's easy to doubt you did so with an open mind.
  8. You say they dont get thing from nature like nature intended, but you advocate helping them. Its nice and i agree we should....but if nature had its way they would die off or meet their needs themselves simple as that
  9. You know what would be really sad?
      If the majority of the victims were actually adults that were molested as adults by priests.
       Lol enjoy your dreams, tonight.
  10. [quote name="smokehound" post="19362337" timestamp="1390037627"]You know what would be really sad? If the majority of the victims were actually adults that were molested as adults by priests. Lol enjoy your dreams, tonight.[/quote]no. a kid getting molested is much more sad than an adult. Sent from my iPhone.
  11.  What makes it more sad?  It's equally traumatic for both.  Especially men, who have the shame of homosexuality looming over their heads.  And the media is always slanted against men.  Whether or not they're pubescent has nothing to do with it.  But feel free to ignore what I've just posted.   If a child gets molested, it's sad, but if a man gets molested, nobody gives a fuck.   (unless its a hot blonde teacher, but that could be bad too, if her vagina looks like three slabs of roast beef)
  12. [quote name="smokehound" post="19393873" timestamp="1390516181"] (unless its a hot blonde teacher, but that could be bad too, if her vagina looks like three slabs of roast beef)[/quote]hahahahahaSent from my iPhone.
  13. When are you guys going to realize nature and the practice of living off nature is widely dead? Jesus was homeless, and 2000 years ago so was probably a 1/4 of everyone alive, the 3/4 most likely living in huts, adobes, primitive villages/towns. Times change. Times on a longgg scale I'm saying.
  14. True spirituality and lofty humans have no place in this generation or anything like it, from now to hundreds of years back.
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    Man i cant believe the shit yall say online....christian haters huh. well i respect how you feel.  but do yall hate christians that bad to where yall dog on a total strangers beliefs every freakin day, with no remorse.....this religion shit has got to stop yall.  How could you try to pertray like your so much better when yall doing this nazi shit yall doing?  Yall better than this man.
  16. a child has less experience to relate the situation to so theyd be much more likely to be tricked in.

    they also have less resources to deal with it emotionally. they also may not know the true severity or that its illegal yet.

    not that both cases arent bad

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