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Is Milk Really Bad For You?

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by SwichOne, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. jesus butt fucking christ! a gallon a day?!

  2. Yeah well why would want to drink fluid that comes out of an almond? I'm just kidding, you're totally right, it does sound kinda gross, but I also eat their flesh and muscle so.......
  3. i mean let's be real: "why would you want to drink the fluid from another animal?" sounds about as mature as: "why would you wanna suck dick or lick pussy--i mean, pee comes out of there--ewwww!!!" the fact of the matter is that there has been little to no truly large-scale long-term scientific studies on most matters, especially those that surround nutrition. from the limited knowledge we have: milk itself appears to provide excellent nutrients that are great for you--especially for men; however, the process by which the milk is produced, collected, stored and sold can be a huge mitigator. A big problem is people expect to be able to buy a gallon of milk for less than $5 and expect it to come from the quality of cattle that produces wagyu beef. I happen to agree with the person who basically said: everything in moderation.

  4. It's cause he's a man.
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    So, you are SERIOUSLY suggesting that the breast milk of cows, is not for calves, and actually its intended purpose is for humans?

    Ya, that sounds pretty intelligent.


    Why don't I go drink the milk from a gorilla.
  6. ^ that actually makes me want a glass of milk.
  7. Your name and avatar, makes me want to get sloppy seconds from jesus's mother.


  8. Two days tops for me lol
  9. I have some milk on cereal maybe like once a week, or less. I know people are told to drink many 8oz. glasses of milk throughout the day, but that's disgusting in my opinion. Some people do & some people don't. The great thing about this, is what you do with your personal body doesn't affect me -- so to all the milk lovers out there, Rock On!
  10. breast milk for everyone
  11. I think you guy's just converted me to a state of milk abstinence.

  12. [​IMG]
  13. milk is soooo good after a brownie or rich food of any kind
  14. How the fuck am i supposed to eat my damn Crunch Berries without Milk? i dont know how to live anymore.
  15. I dont drink enough milk :(

    I dont like the taste of the milk in the U.S

  16. You must have some shitty milk where you live
  17. All dairy and meat are really not good for you whatsoever...
  18. I didn't know it ever was. Didn't kill our grandparents, and they got it straight from the cow, our goes through a buncha shit before we get it, which is maybe why it's suddenly "bad", but i dont think it is. Regardless, i wont stop drinking it. Ive always thought it would suck to be lactose intolerant bc i love milk lol

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