Is Milk Really Bad For You?

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  1. I have been drinking milk heavily all my life and love the stuff of now i drink around a gallon every 2-3 days.Unfortunately i ran across some stuff online saying that studies are now showing milk is really bad for you really REALLY bad for are a list of the diseases they say it can cause..

    Crohn's Disease
    Early Sexual Maturation
    Early Breast Growth
    Breast Cancer
    Colon Cancer
    ADD or ADHD
    Prostate Cancer
    Autoimmune Disease
    Lung Cancer
    Childhood Anemia
    Diarrhea & Constipation
    weakening of bones

    only thing is ive been drinking milk for the last 23 years of my life multiple glasses just about every day and i havent had any of these could there be any truth to all the stuff online about milk being horrible for you? please help...i really want to keep drinking milk cuz im like addicted but if its bad ill have to stop...thanks GC.
  2. Yeah, a few days ago I read up on it too. I try to avoid drinking milk now because there's actually a lot of blood and puss in it which is just gross. :(
  3. Maybe milk that's gone bad...
  4. I dunno, milk and other dairy products were a dietary staple of the early Germanic people. Maybe some people can handle it better than other people.
  5. Just read the full list of diseases milk supposedly calls and I call bullshit on whatever article you read, it says milk causes weakening of bones, it does the opposite, that's been a well known fact for hundreds of years.
  6. I truly believe it is bad for us to drink.

    No other mammal drinks milk after it old enough to eat other things.

    Cows milk is created for calves. not humans. it does not make sense for us to drink milk designed for non-humans.
  7. Hahah, I guess it's a good thing I'm lactose intolerance:laughing: I get diarrhea when I drink milk or milk by products. So I get my calcium from almond milk. It taste better in my opinion, and it doesn't give me diarrhea:laughing:
  8. I will still drink milk till the day all my bones crumble and I turn into a bag of man jelly, cuz its delicious :)
  9. It is because of all the hormones they give the cattle?
    I would keep it up, but maybe ever so often substitute the milk with soy milk or something.
    I can't stand milk.. Never been able to.
  10. I still think that milk is healthy to drink. It is also a great way to bulk up and put on weight. Just a few months ago i did gomad for a month (Gallon of milk a day) using whole fat milk and i managed to gain some solid mass. Regardless of what new studies say i will continue drinking milk as it is nutritionally good, tastes good and i enjoy it. Also by far milk is not the worst thing that i am putting into my body.
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    Actually, cats will readily drink cow's milk if it's available to them. But, I agree with you, it is strange to take another animal's milk. But, idk if I could stop drinking it after having it for so long.
  12. Cats get diarrhea when they drink cow's milk.
  13. just dont drink a dangerous ammount x
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    Silk and cereal should be a band name.
    I've had cats that did have the shits after cow's milk, and some that didn't. But they still thought it was delicious. Lol
  15. Milk is unnatural to drink past your early developing years imo.

    Still tastes delicious with cereal or Oreos though.
  16. I really dislike this kind of thinking...

    "Animals don't do it, must be bad for us."

    Animals don't create medicines that save lives either... Lets get rid of modern medicine!

    I love the things we view as strange. "Taking milk from another animal is so weird." why? We were smart enough to utilize this readily available food source. It's not weird, it's intelligent.

    I'll keep drinking milk, and if I don't live past 70 so be it.
  17. has anyone hear drank choclate milk before?!?

    i think it is the best drink there is on this earth. period.

    and milk cannot be that unhealthy, so the entire milk campaign "drink milk, love life" is a lie?
  18. The milk is a lie

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